36 Dad will come back.

Father Su was speechless. How can she say something like this to him?

"Su Xi, I raised you for nothing, I see."

"Hah, You never raised me. I was raised on my own. In my growing years, you were busy fooling around. So don't take this free appreciation of my raising." Su Xi folded her hands and looked into her father's eyes.

She hated him. He thinks he can order everyone and no one will answer back. But HE IS WRONG! Su Xu also has his blood.

"You are bearing my name!! You are managing my business!! How dare you say that?!?"Father Su can't believe his ears. The daughter, he raised for so many years was now rebelling him.

"I want your happiness. Ye Huo was not a good guy. But I let him and you get married. But now he is not here, you are still after him? Move on Su XI!!" Father Su shouted on top of his lungs.

Hearing this, not only Su Xi but all the children as well as Su Sing were enranged.

He was talking about their father, who they loved dearly. No matter what, he was his son-in-law.

Before Su Xi can answer back, Ye Nian and Ye Shing said,

"Grandfather, we have the utmost respect for you in our heart. But you crossed your limits. The one you are talking about is our father, Ye Huo. You have no right to talk about him like this especially after standing in his house." Ye Nian said politely but her words contained a threat.

"Yes, grandfather. You are no one to decide mum's marriage. If she wants to get married, we are with her but we will not allow your forcing decision on her." Ye Shing also answered back.

"Mr. Su, you don't deserve my respect at all. My husband was a gem. An idiotic person will never value a gem. So, I don't blame you." Saying this, Su Xi moved towards him.

Su Xi stood on her toes, even in heels when her foot was bleeding. Her face was directly opposite Father Su.

"Mr. Su, if you want, I can change my name to Ye Xi, I won't mind bearing my late husband's name. I can leave your business for your younger daughter to handle. Do You want that?" Su Xi asked with a smirk.

She knew her father will never allow it. Even if he does, She was ready to leave his business.


"Okay! Everyone, back to their room. Now! Dad, butler Ni has prepared the room for you. You can go and rest there." Su Sing makes everyone shut their mouth before the matter slips out of hand.

Father Su for the last time, took the glance at everyone and with arrogance, turned around and walked to his room.

Su Xi stared at his back. He was such an a**hole.

"Elder sister, you also go and get those pieces removed from your foot. It is bleeding heavingly." Su Sing suggested. He didn't want his sister to suffer because of his father's words.

"Mom, let me help you." this time Ye Shan came forward. He was only eight, so he can't help her but his coming forward was enough for her to smile back.

His gestures were cute!

"Baby, mum is fine. Just sleep now and don't make it difficult for Butler okay?" Su Xi sweetly said to Ye Shan, to which he nodded.

But before running back, he turned around, "Mom, don't marry anyone. Dad will come back!"

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This made everyone shock. It is said, children can feel what is going to happen in the future.

'I hope what you said Shan, comes true.'


In her room, Doctor has come. "The wound is deep. I can't remove glass through the hand. We need to go to the hospital." Dr. stated.

"Let's go. I and Ye Shing will come with you." Su Sing said.

"No need, for the brother to go. I will come with mum. She needs a female person." Ye Nian stepped forward. She knew that Ye Shing was better for this work but she wanted to spend some time with her.

"Hmm, let us take Nian with us."

Su Sing helped Su Xi to get up and brought her to the hospital in his car. "Sing, lend me your phone." Su Xi suddenly asked him.

He handed over his phone. "But sister, whom you want to call this late?"

"Zu Jiwen

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