141 Culprit behind Accident!

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"Sh… don't even think about anything like this. Isn't he just fine? Why do you need to think negatively anymore?" Su xi agreed to his words. He was already out of danger then why to think that has not happened.

"Will you stay here?" Su Xi again asked, hoping for the answer.

"Hmm. I will. Don't worry, Ye Shing will be fine now, and let me tell you, a child of the tigress isn't weak. He is a future tiger so he will recover soon. Give him time." Su Xi nodded her head and wiped away all her tears with her hand.


Su Xi looked at the caller and her eyes turned cold. 'An unknown international number?' She can't help but think of one certain person who has almost disturbed her entire life and her peaceful sleep! She looked at Gu Yan who was too trying to look at her phone but Su Xi hid it.

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