44 Crash their Dinner!

Gu Yan narrowed his eyes. How can she know his personal number? Not even Lin Juwan knew about this.

He thought of not picking it up. But it kept on coming.

Gu Yan got frustrated and picked up her call reluctantly.


"Oh. Mr. Gu, Lin Jua this side." She said in her most appealing voice.

"Hmm.." He was least interested in talking with her. Last time, he smelled her perfume and it was pathetic!

"Can we go on dinner, Mr.Gu? After all, we are already getting engaged soon." Lin Jua was already old enough so she wanted to get married and have children as soon as possible.

"Ms. L-"

"Brother Yan, you can call me Jua only."

He was irritated by her. But still, he maintained his calmness.

"Jua, I'm busy nowadays. It will be difficult for me."

"Oh come on, Ah Yan. Just a meal." She kept on insisting. Her brother told her that he was rejected by Gu Yan when he talked about engagement.

So she has to take this in her hands. She was confident enough that he will not reject her!

"Okay. Let's meet at the Clarks Inn. at 8 pm." saying this, Gu Yan hanged up. He agreed just to make sure that she doesn't disturb him anymore.

'It's one dinner only.' he thought.


Su Xi was resting. Now, she was calmer. But her heart was a mess and the brain stopped working.

She remembered that years ago, it was Gu Yan who said 'I Love You' first. But it was she who courted him for 2 months.

Su Xi did so because she knew somewhere, he has feelings for her.

But she had never predicted that after so many years, she will be after him again!

For god's sake, their children were big enough and it was their age to be in romantic relationships.

'How embarrassing it will be.' she thought and hugged her pillow.

To meet him, she must know his schedule and never let know her father and brother about Gu Yan!

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Especially, they should never meet him or see his face!

She called secretary Wan, "I want to know Gu Yan's schedule. Let me know in 10 minutes."

It will never be easy!


After 10 minutes, a notification came. It was his schedule.

Secretary Wan has a lot of contacts in different companies. But he never used them because they wanted to play fair in this industry.

Secretary Wan was shocked after hearing that his madam wants to know Gu Family Heir's schedule. But he has to follow orders.

Reading the schedule, her eyes widened!!

He was meeting Lin Jua today at dinner!

It totally slipped from her mind that Gu Yan's marriage was already fixed with Lin Jua.

It was because of that old agreement!! Su Xi slapped her forehead. "How can you be so dumb, Su Xi?" she was herself shocked and was scolding her for being so careless.

First, she has to break this marriage agreement between them other it was impossible for her.

Su Xi got up and walked towards the closet. There were many dresses. But one was her favorite because it was a gift from her Ye Huo.

She and wore it.

She will crash their Dinner today!!!


Gu Yan reached the restaurant early. He was a person who liked punctuality most.

"How may I help you sir?" the manager of the restaurant asked.

"A table is booked under the name of Gu Yan."

"This way sir."

The manager brought Gu Yan to his table. "Sir, would you like to order something?"

Gu Yan looked at his watch. "I will order after some time."

The manager nodded and left.

Gu Yan kept on waiting for the next fifteen minutes but there was no sight of Lin Jua. He hated people who were late, except if they were his loved ones.

Gu Yan was becoming impatient. He took out his precious time and Lin Jua is still not here

Right after two more minutes, he saw a lady. She was wearing a red tight dress which was expressing her figure with black high heels.

But her face wasn't clear.

Gu Yan was somewhat attracted to that lady, but someone called out his name.

"Gu Yan, I'm here."

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