53 Congratulations.

Su Xi went downstairs and saw her father eating breakfast. Ignoring him, she went to the office in her car.

After reaching the office, she got to know that jer staff was gossiping about Gu Yan's and Lin Jua's engagement.

"What luck I have? My husband is getting engaged when his wife and children are alive." Su Xi whispered to herself.

"Secretary Wan, what is today's work?" He narrated all the work and Su Xi started doing it. She needed to put her thoughts away from her mind. But it wasn't possible.

"Ma'am, there is a project coming up next week. It is between the Lin family, the Gu family, and Wei Family. Shall we participate in it?"

"It is about what?" the most important thing to participate and compete for a project was to know the details of the project.

"It is about medicines." Secretary Wan also explained the procedures and exact things asked by the owner.

"Tell them that we are also interested in competing so please do let us know the time and details." Secretary Wan nodded and left her cabin.


Su Xi kept on working till evening.

She didn't even touch her lunch. To distract herself, she even did overtime. But now her stomach was not in favor of her and it started hurting.

'Ahh... Why now?' She held her stomach and took an anti-gas tablet. She then saw the time and it was already eight in the night.

It was already late but Su Xi didn't feel like going home. She was missing Gu Yan too much right now!

'Should I call him?' this conflict was going on in her mind. But she knew that if she heard his voice, she might break down. But her heart never listens to her brain and she dialed his number.


"Gu Yan?" Su Xi said in a very low voice but enough for him to hear.

"Oh, It is Ms.Su. May I know why you called me?" Gu Yan asked in a very cold tone.

Wasn't it an irony? Two years back, whenever Su Xi used to call Ye Huo, he used to leave all his work and would listen to all her talks. But now, he is being cold with her.

"Ms. Su?"

"Congratulations. Your engagement is fixed." Su Xi tried her best to hold her tears.

But Gu Yan didn't reply at first. But later "Thankyou." was all that he said.

"Gu Yan, yet-"

"Ms. Su, I have work to do and I'm a little busy. I have to prepare for engagement so I will talk with you later." saying this, he hanged up.

Su Xi was done for! She started crying just after he hanged up.

"W-HYY... I have to go...t-hroug-h this...." But one thing was clear in her mind now!

She has to stop his engagement and win her husband back! She will make them pay others for being cruel and betraying her.

Su Xi picked up and dialed Rex's number.

"Rex, I have a better deal with you. I will transfer 500 million material first till this weekend and 500 after I receive the power of Su Business. Deal?" Su Xi was ready now. She will go to the underworld and will come unharmed!



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On the other hand.

Gu Yan was sitting on his bed. Lately, his headache was coming very frequently. The doctor advised him to do bed rest.

But there was a lot of work so he was doing work from home. When he received Su Xi's call, he was just reading a document.

Seeing his call, he felt an interesting emotion inside him. No one can describe that but he suddenly remembered yesterday's encounter.

She has a fiance!

But just then his butler came. "Young Master, there is a call for you."

"Who's the call?"

"It is Old Madam Gu."

Gu Yan smirked. He knew she will call him. After all, he was the one to announce his wedding to Lin Jua. No one in Gu Family can enter so easily!

"I will reach to Gu Family Mansion in the next 1 hour."


Su Xi came home but she was not alone. There was a black Scorpio parked outside her house.

'Who is there?' She went inside and saw a person wearing a black leather jacket along with rugged jeans waiting for her.

"Oh. Ms. Su, right?" Su Xi nodded.

"I'm Chen Yuan from the Head department of the crime branch."


One side, Su Xi is trying to be involved in illegal business and another side, Police is coming home/?

What will happen now? Will she back out now?

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