133 Can we go for dinner?

Shi Yu did not answer her questions instead threw another question on her, "Do you want me to teach you?Hmm?" Ye Nian does not know how to reply to him anymore. She is not good at studies much. Nowadays, she is also distracted and not being concentrating much on her studies.

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Exams are coming near and many of the people are trying to pick om her, also to bring her down. She can't help but think more into it and come to one conclusion. 

"Will you teach me if I agree? You are also one of the best teachers, so why will I not want that?"

"But you are not any topper in your school. Along with them, you have many bad habits and I think I don't need to mention them, right?" Shi Yu did not hide anything instead told her what he thought of her. Ye Nian knew all these things. She was not the best child. In contrast, she can be called the spoilt brat of her family. 

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