9 Can't Forget him

After dinner, Ye Shan was taken to bed by butler Ni and Ye Nian also went to her room as she had her school next day. Ye Shan was doing home schooling. He had somehow managed to come out of that trauma.

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Su Xi also went to her room. She was staring at the family photo. "It had been 2 years, mother." Su Xi heard a voice coming.

She turned around and saw Ye Shing standing at the door. "May I come in?"

"Yes, Shing." He came inside and closed the door of the room. He also like his mother, stood with her and observed the family photo.

"Mom, 2 years. I think we can do something now." Said Ye Shing.

"We can do but are you sure you want to?"

Ye Shing didn't replied. He had researched and found some leads but he himself isn't sure how powerful those groups are.

Ye Shing faced his mother and asked, "Mother, what do you want?" Hearing this Su Xi sighed, she herself isn't sure.

"We are having a very stable life right now. But that doesn't mean I don't want to take revenge. But I have my weakness and that is you three. Ye Shan is 8 years old. What do you expect me?"

Their business at first also involved illegal this. This was when Father Su was CEO. But with Ye Huo as CEO, things started changing. He slowly sided illegal things. And Su Xi completely wiped out those illegal materials.

"Mom, I can independently search for dad's killer."

"Then who will help me with business? I'm also getting old."

Ye Shing laughed. "Mom you are not at all old. You are just of 36 years. Is this considered old?"

"Yes. For me its old."Su Xi also smiled.

"Mom, why is uncle Zu still unmarried?" Su Xi froze after listening this. Zu Jiwen was her lover back in school days. He once said that he will either marry her or will not marry.

"Ye Shing…."

"I know mom, in this life you only loved dad. But just for once think about your own self. You have a whole life. What will you do when we all three are settled? You will be alone mom." Su Xi took deep breath.

"Ah Shing, love is like this. It can happen twice also but it happens twice to those people who are ready to forget and move on from their first. I'm not like this. I can't move on. I want to live with those memories. I was pregnant when I was 17, I gave birth to you because the child belonged to him and mine. I can never forget him."

"Mom, I'm more practical. I surely have not gone on you."

Su Xi rubbed her boy's hairs. "You have your father's mature nature."

"Yes. I will go to my room now. Good night."

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