35 Can't abandon me!

"Which announcement grandfather?" Ye Nian asked.

"I'm fixing, Zu Jiwen's and Su Xi's marriage."



Nothing can be heard except the breathing of the people. No one even uttered a single word. It was calm before the storm.


There was a glass plate in Su Xi's hand and she dropped it onto the floor. Its pieces were scattered around her heels.

But she was too much shocked after hearing this that she almost forgot that she shouldn't move even an inch.

"Mom, Stay there. I will ask a maid to clean this. Don't move!" Ye Nian shouted. She rushed and asked Butler Ni to send someone to clean this mess.

But Ye Nian's words didn't enter in Su Xi's ears. She walked on it and 3 glass pieces dug in her legs.

"MOM!!" Ye Shing ran towards her and shook her little.

"Mom, don't move." He whispered close to her ears so that she comes out of the shock. He, who was a calm person and can handle any situation was speechless after hearing this.

He was not having a good image of his grandfather but he didn't expect him to be this insane. He was talking about their mother's marriage!

"Uncle, I think it is not good. It is all Su Xi's wish and we can't force her. I'm sorry but I decline." Zu Jiwen broke the awkward silence. He likes her but he never forced her. He will not do this, at that time also.

"Zu Jiwen, its been so many years that Ye Huo died. Su Xi is just 36 this year. She also needs a life partner. After her children are settled, she will be left alone. Who will be with her then?" Father Su stated. He was making himself appear like a wise person.

"But Uncl-..."

"No, 'buts.' This is finalized. I will talk to your family." Father Su made the decision.


Everyone turned their eyes towards Su Xi. They were waiting for her to say something. She needed to say. After all, this involved her life.

"Why don't you go and get married yourself? After all, you are having so many mistresses since mom died. You go and get married first. You are much older than me and you need a companion." Su Xi reverted.

She was full of anger right now. It will burst on him now!

For god's sake. Her husband was alive. Here, she was planning how to make Gu Yan remember his memory, and here, her father is interested in marrying her again!

"Su Xi, that's not the topi-" Father Su was interrupted.

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"Who the hell are you? Just tell me, who the f**k are you to decide for ME!?!? Why don't you get married first, if you are so interested in seeing a wedding." Su Xi stepped more on the glass and moved towards her father.

Her foot was bleeding. Blood was rushing out of it. But she didn't care. She will make her Father show his place today.

"I never said anything to you when Mother died. I never said anything to you when Su Ning was born out of your mistress after mom's death. I never said anything when your mistresses used to threaten ME! MY BROTHER! But today... You crossed all limits."

Father Su sighed seeing his daughter like this.

But before Su Xi continue to speak to her father, she turned around and said to Zu Jiwen,

"Jiwen, please leave. It is our family matter. I would like to discuss it with my family and please don't take it seriously." Su Xi said in a firm tone. Even if Zu Jiwen wanted to reject her offer of going back, he unwillingly nodded after seeing her aura and eyes.

Su Xi's eyes were like her mother. Her emotions can be predicted through her eyes easily.

After Zu Jiwen left, Su Xi turned back to her father.

"Now, Mr. Su please tell me what should I do with you? Do you want me to send you to old age home? I seriously want to abandon you as my father."

Hearing this, Father Su was full of fury. He was her father after all!!

How can she abuse him like this?

"You can't do this!! I'm your father!"

"But your actions never matched as that of a father."

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