21 Best Person Win!

It was Mr. Lin. She picked up the call.

"Hello Ms. Su? I hope I'm not disturbing you." Lin Juwan said.

"Not at all Mr. Lin. But you know, I'm a busy woman. I have work to do."

"I know Ms.Su. I would like to remind you that their is a meeting tomorrow, for the real estate project. I just wanted to tell you or you can say warn you, Don't even try to compete. This project belongs to Gu Yan. Understood?" his last words were in a threatening tone. But Su Xi wasn't afraid of this kind of person.

"Mr. Lin, you know very well. I have been in business for so long, these threats don't make me feel fear. My company will surely compete for tomorrow's project. If Gu Family business is really that powerful, they will be able to beat me. But I really doubt that. Let the best person win." saying this she hanged up.

It was irritating for her. She has to compete with her own husband now! Wow!

"SECRETARY WAN!!" Su Xi shouted. She was really frustrated till this time.

"Yes ma'am?"

"Call a meeting in next 15 minutes. I want to see what our employs have prepared for tomorrow's project." Su Xi said in very cold voice.

"Sure ma'am." Secretary Wan was sure, someone's job is in danger today if the project prepared is not right.


One side, Su Xi was looking after her project. So other side, Ye Nian was roaming with her boyfriend. She actually skipped the school.

"You know, my mom nowadays never care about us. She is just interested in her business. Because I'm a girl, this doesn't mean that I lack anything. I'm already 16 dude." Ye Nian frustratedly said.

The guy beside her was the famous boy of the school, Wei Jan. He was handsome, owned his own car, but was on feeding his father's money. His grades were also not something to be proud of.

"My baby, forget about your mother. She must be a slut. Just come here and lets do something productive, shall we?" Wei Jan asked.

He had a bet with his friends that he will make Ye Nian, the school's beauty, to be his girlfriend and will fuck her also. But till this time, Ye Nian hasn't allowed him to touch her.

"Wei Jan, don't joke around. I'm really very angry on her. I don't know what she thinks of herself."

Till this time, she hasn't agreed about even kissing, Wei Jan was waiting patiently for her. He needed some more time to act and she will submit herself to him.

"Shall we go to club?" asked Wei Jan. He really wanted to do something, if not her then someone else is also okay.

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"Hmm, Sure."

They made their way to the club. It was the expensive club and even in day light, it was full.

"I will get you a drink." saying this Wei Jan went to buy a drink, leaving Ye Nian alone.

10 minutes were passed but Wei Jan was still not back.

'Where is he gone?' Ye Nian was thinking but suddenly a drank guy approached her. "Hey beauty, Whats your rate for a night?"

Hearing this she felt disgusted. She try to walk off but he held her arm.

"What is so hurry? Let me play with you first." the drank guy said.

"Let of go me!!!!" Ye Nian was shouting but her voice was not audible because of loud music.

She suddenly felt another hand on her arm. "Leave her." was all that he said. It was not a choice but an order.

"What if I don't? I met her first. Let me try her and I will give her to you."

But another guy punched him in face. "Ahh.."

"If you are interested in getting more beatings, I will give it to you in free."

"N-No.... S-sorry.." he ran in opposite direction.

"You okay?" He turned towards Ye Nian. At that moment, she realized who he was. He was the famous lecturer, Shi Yu. It was easy to recognize him as he was considered the best teacher of maths.

"Y-Yeah. Thank you." she said.

"Children of your age should not come to clubs and should never miss the school." he said.

Ye Nian didn't replied. She knew that no one can understand what she was going through. But her boyfriend didn't come back.

"Shall I drop you somewhere? Because I feel the person you are looking for isn't gonna come back. If he had, the incident just now might not have happened." he said in clear and direct words.

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