135 Became pregnant!

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"Speak speak." Su Xu casually replied as she was now more focused on eating. Who will miss such a good dinner? Rarely anyone but at least not Su Xi!

"Can you tell me some details about how you and your husband met?"


Su Xi choked on her food as the food got stuck in her throat. Gu Yan handed her a cup of water and patted her back. After a few seconds, she looked up at him with her eyes wide. From where did her husband come? 'Why Gu Yan wants to know more about Ye Huo and me?!' This thought was revolving in her mind.

It has been so many years but she never talked much about Ye Huo before Gu Yan appeared before them. After his death, she took the oath that never she will marry anyone else. All she was going to do is to devote this life to her children and the memories she shared with her late husband.

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