14 Banquet 2.

"Oh Thankyou Ms Su! Its an honor that you took out some time from your busy schedule and came here with you family."

Su Xi just smiled. "Happy Birthday!" said the children.

"My god! Su Xi, your children are so cute and lovely. In future, if possible I will make sure my younger daughter marry this cute and baby Ye Shan." Said Ms. Ning as she rubbed Ye Shan's hairs.

"Well, who knows the future. We will see."

Su Xi left children to be with their friends.

Ye Shan had a bunch of friends here as children of high class family and Ye Nian too had her girls group.

Ye Shing appeared cold in such parties. He doesn't have friends here much.

"Mom, let me come with you. I want to learn those business ethics from you. This is the best time." Said Ye Shing.

Su Xi knew he was not joking so she took him to the table where business talks were going on.

"Ms. Su, I didn't expect you to be here." said heir of Lin family, Lin Juwan. He was in early 40s. His wife, was from another wealthy family of abroad.

"Well, here I'm Mr Lin, You can see me."

"Yes Ms. Su. But I heard that Gu family is back. And now they are competing for their position back. Su family is surely in danger."

Su family and Lin family never had much good relations. They always thought, that business was something that woman can never handle and seeing Su Xi doing so well, they thought their old belief is breaking.

"Mr. Lin. You are here, for god knows,how many years. I don't even expect you to support my company because I know you and Gu family are having good relations. I even heard that there was a marriage contract between two families that's why, Lin's family daughter is still not married and was waiting for Gu Yan. Is that right?" Su Xi said with a smirk.

This was the key point of Lin family. Their daughter, Lin Juwan's sister was not married till now. She was persistence that she will either marry Gu Yan or no one else.

"Ms. Su now that Gu Yan is back, its obvious that our family will be united."

"Sure, I congratulate you for that. But I wanted to make you remember, in this world now, you have to make a place for yourself. No one is going to serve you that. I think the same is for Mr. Gu. If he wants his position back, come and prove it, snatch it. But I will not let then."

"Ms. Su, lets wait and watch."

"Sure lets wait, till the time your sister is not able to walk anymore, till that time, I'm sure no one can able to wipe us out."

Beside her was siting Ye Shing, hearing all this he wanted to laugh. His mother was insulting them but they were blind not to observe.

Ye Shan and Ye Nian came to Su Xi and Ye Shing, telling them that someone important has come and everyone's family is going there.

Su Xi knew it was Gu Yan. She wanted to see him but she stopped herself. She knew, some or the other time, they will confront each other.

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