13 Banquet 1.

Su Xi asked Secretary Wan to send these dresses to her house and she is going to office with the driver.

Su Xi needed to read that file which contained information about Gu family.

These type of parties were just parties for young people. For them, it was a way of talking about business and making collaboration.

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Su Xi can't afford to loose!

On her way, she received a call.

"Mom why are you not coming back?" asked Ye Nian.

"Ah Nian, I have some work to do. You and your brothers get ready and stylish will be there soon. Come directly to the venue. Ask Ye Shing to drive."

"Mom, how will you come?"

"I will come directly to the venue. I will dress in my office."

Her office, like other prestigious people, had a small room attached to her. It was like a resting place.

"Okay Mother. See you soon."

When she reached office, it was closing hour and mostly the office was empty.

She made her way to her cabin and took out her long coat.

'Here it is. Lets see what are you hiding Gu Family.'

GU FAMILY (40 Years Ago)

"The heir of Gu Family was Gu Yelin. He was married but his wife name never came out in public. He had 6 children, 3 male and 2 female. His eldest daughter died in an accident, which at that time was said to be murder by her lover, whom she wanted to marry. Their second daughter is married into Jie Family. Their first son...."

Su Xi was interrupted in her reading by a knock.

"Ma'am its almost time. Please get ready."

Hearing this Su Xi closed the file and thought of reading it after the party. She put it in her hand back and started walking towards her room.


After 15 minutes Su Xi came out of the room wearing the blue gown she had chosen for herself. She was looking more like a queen. Such an aura surrounded her and even her eyes showed no fear.

"Lets Go."

She called Ye Shing.

"Where are you guys?"

"We are on our way, mom."

"Hmm. Don't go in till I'm there. Make sure Ye Shan is with you both."

"Yes Mom."

"Ma'am have you read the file?" Asked Secretary Wan.

"No, I will read it after going home. You also after dropping me, go home. Your wife and children will be waiting for you."

"Thank You ma'am." He was grateful his Madam was not like other, demanding and bossy. She understood the problems an employee faces with his family or in his career.

She reached the venue and saw many reporters were there. At this time, another car came and Ye Shing, Ye Nian and Ye Shan walked out of it.

The family of four was wearing same colour dresses. Even Ye Nian's and Su Xi's almost looked like sisters in similar gowns.

They walked inside with bodyguard protecting them.


When they reached the banquet, they saw a lot of crowd was there.

"Lets go and first greet Ms. Ning."

Everyone nodded. The group of four made their to her. Ms. Ning was a self made woman.

"Happy Birthday Ms. Ning. You look lovely."

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