72 As predicted!

Exposing someone is never easy. They will try to attack you again and hate you too. But you have to show them that no one can't mess with you just as they wish to. This was a difficult thing but you have to overcome this and face those peoples. Show them you are not someone less than them. They can't mess with you. You aren't an easy target!

Su Xi took a deep breath, applied her foundation, and went downstairs. Her children were sitting at the dining table. She got to know that her father and brother have gone back home yesterday night. It was again her children in the house now. At first, she was relieved that she no longer will face them. Who wants a brother and father like them? It was better to have none rather than having like them!

But this doesn't mean she will stop getting what she deserves. She will take it!

"Mom, are you ready to face it?" Ye Shing asked worriedly. He knew his mother is strong but he is still afraid. How much can she handle? But he did not know that being a mother and a businesswoman is difficult but God has given Women this much strength.

"I'm ready. I just need your support. I wish everything goes as I want and the outcomes are not what I have expected." Su Xi hadn't found out who it was till now. She will get to know this when she leaves for the office.

Her only wish to God was that Gu Yan shouldn't be the one behind this all. If it is him, she doesn't know how to handle the matter.

"Mom, what if it was the father?" Ye Nian asked hesitantly. On that day, her mother accused their father and it possible him to be behind this all.

Su Xi just shook her head and didn't reply. What she should even reply?

"ALL THE BEST MUMA!" Ye Shan said with a thumbs up.

"Thank you, baby!" Su Xi kissed his forehead. Butler also wished her luck and she finally went out of the house and took her car.


In her office, Secretary Wan was sitting in her cabin when she reached.

"I'm sorry, secretary Wan to call you this early."

"No worries young madam. All we need to think is to remove this rumor and news."

"Yes, do you have the file which I asked you to bring? I want to see it." Su Xi asked directly.

"Here ma'am." He handed her the file and Su Xi slowly opened it. She was nervous. Her hands were already sweating and her heartbeat increased. Su Xi opened the file and the first page held the picture of the person who was behind this.

It was Gu Yan's picture as predicted by Su Xi!

'I can't even believe that you can such a thing with me, Huo. I'm trying to win you back and you are trying to push me away. Am I that unlucky?' Su Xi closed her eyes.

"Ma'am, you okay?"

"I want details of that..."


In the hall of a five-star hotel.

The crime branch was preparing for the conference. It was general who was going to resolve the thing and say that Su Xi was innocent.

But Chen Juan wasn't satisfied with it. He was standing at one corner, not in formal wear but in his hood covering his face. Fei was assigned the task of here and Chen Juan also came.

He searched a lot but wasn't able to find that who was behind this. Chen Juan really felt that he can't do anything.

"Sir, was that news that Su Xi is involved in illegal things true?" Fei asked

"That was true. She was there on the seaport. It was her and this...." Chen Juan took out the bracelet from his pocket. "This also belonged to her."

"But sir, what if someone is trying to fool us?"

Chen Juan had turned his eyes into black. "No. This is the truth. Su Family was there in the underworld too before when Su Zian was the head. But the thing is, is Su Xi herself involved? If yes, then we have to catch her red-handed!"

"But sir, how?"

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"I have assigned my men to keep a watch over her and hack her phone calls." Chen Juan said in a whisper so that no one is able to listen to him except Fei. This was a secret, he can't afford others to know about this.

"I understand sir. Today, the general is going to clear out Su Xi's name."

"I know. Let us watch the drama being unfold." Chen Juan knew somewhere that Su Xi already knew who did this to her. She will disclose them and give them a tight slap on their face.




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