129 Another version of Ye Huo!

Su Xi looked above at the other two siblings, "You both agree on that?" To which Ye Nian nodded excitedly but Ye Shing did not reply. He was a serious type of person now. His childhood was long gone and now it was his young days to enjoy.

"Mom, an Amusement park is not my type of place you know this. What will I do there?" Ye Shing wanted to have a day out with his family but when he heard about going to an amusement park, he was a little unsure about it.

Su Xu came near him and patted his back, "Ye Shing, stop being that serious weirdo guy! As far as I remember, My small Ye Shing was a lovely guy who always asked for more and more toys."

"You are talking about when I was nine, now I'm nineteen." He made her remember. How can she take him as a nine years old kid now?! Does his high isn't enough indication for her?

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