70 Am I that bad?

Shutting the door behind her, Ye Nian stood with the support of the door. She was confused about what she was experiencing. Nothing like this ever happened with her. Then why now?

Ye Nian sat at the ground with her face in her knees. She was feeling guilty for shouting at her mother and brother. Such mixed emotions were coming.

"Wh....aat... I'm...d.o..ing" She started sobbing. Even while coming back, she had heard her mother shouting. Her mother was calling her but she wasn't able to turn around. Her feet were as walking ad guiding on their own.

God knows for how long she cried. Her face was red and her cheeks puffed up. Eyes were swollen and nose red as a tomato. But still, her tears weren't able to stop.

"Ye Nian... Baby, shall I come in?" Ye Nian heard the sweet voice of her mother. She wiped her tears with her hands. Getting up, she unlocked the door. She opened half of the door and saw her mother, Su Xi, standing there with a plate of food.

"Mom... I'm not hungry." Ye Nian said in a low voice.

"Let me come in, first. Please?" Su Xi tried to convince her to let her in.

Ye Nian opened the door fully and let her mother in. Su Xi kept the food on the side table and first made Ye Nian sit. Then only Ye Nian saw that her mother had brought a medical kit with her.

"Mom, I don't need medicine. It is fine this way." Her bandage till now was full of blood. Shi Yu had put on the bandage to just stop the bleeding. Not a permanent solution.

"Nian, do you hate me that much that you won't meet me even do bandage?" Su Xi finally asked.

"It is not like that."

"Then how it is? Let me know. If you feel lonely or you feel that I'm not a good mother, please apprise me. I will change it. I will try my best to spend time with you all."

Su Xi was feeling that there was a lack of communication between them. If not for that, why will her daughter rebel her so much as she does with her father? Su Xi sighed and stretched her hand to wipe her tears properly.

As a mother, she can see her daughter was crying a lot nowadays. She wanted to take this pain away from her too. But how?

"Nian, this week is most important for me. I have to stop Gu Yan's engagement. Everything I'm doing is for you all and to bring our little family back. As soon as Gu Ya remembers his memory, we will go away from everyone." Su Xi tried to convince her.

"It is not easy to bring Dad's memory back. If it was easy, he would have been with us now." Ye Nian made her remember. This was the ultimate truth.

Su Xi just lowered her head and was rubbing Ye Nian's cold hands.

"My precious baby, I will do anything to bring him back."

Ye Nian remained silent at first. Later, she suddenly said,

"C-can you f..feed met-today? By y...your own hands?" Ye Nian said while not letting her eyes meet her mothers.

Hearing this, Su Xi was relieved and happiness sparkled in her eyes.

"Yes!! Let me bring the plate."


While the other side, everything was fine between Ye Nian and Su Xi, Shi Yu's heart was feeling a little uneasy.

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Since he dropped Ye Nian home, his mind wasn't able to drift back. He was constantly worried that she might get a lot of scoldings. He knew her family was surrounded by Media and it was her mistake to come to such place but he saw something in her eyes. Maybe no one notices it but there was a confidence in her eyes. Not normal confidence though!

Soon, he came to his home. He bought this one-room apartment from his own hard work and salary.

He parked his car and looked above, there he saw the lights of his apartment were lit up.

Shi Yu narrowed his eyes seeing this. He ran to his floor and saw that even his door was unlocked.

He stormed into his drawing room and saw a figure sitting on the sofa with a drink in his hands.

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