42 Am I married?

Lin Juwan wanted that engagement should happen soon. This will increase his stock market and then Gu Yan will also be under him. He just wants benefit.

His sister wasn't wed for since long. People used to mock him for this but now that Gu Yan is back, he wants them to get married soon.

"Mr. Lin, I'm not settled with my business yet. I have to work more and in this stressful life, how can I look for a wedding?" Gu Yan didn't want to be tied with Lin family.

He knew that Lin Juwan is only interested in using the GU family for his interest. This engagement will help Lin family but not Gu Family.

Gu Yan didn't even like women like Lin Jua.

"Ah Yan, you are not understanding. This will help you also. Many people will come to know that the two prominent families are coming together and as we know, our business will also merge. Both of our stocks will rise again."

Lin Juwan tried his best to make him understand and sound as if he was taking Gu family's interest in the count.

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But Gu Yan wasn't a newbie. "Mr. Lin, aren't you a little bit more keen to send your sister to me? " Gu Yan picked the right spot.

Hearing this, Lin Juwan was a little shocked and nervous. He wanted his sister to leave his home as soon as possible.

"Hahaha... How is that possible? Xiao Jua is my sister. How can I wish something like this for her?"

"Step Sister." Gu Yan corrected him. Yes! Lin Juwan wasn't the real brother of Lin Jua. She was born to his dad and his stepmother.

"I want best for my sister and nothing else." Lin Juwan clearly states.

Gu Yan didn't.

He just stared at the floor for some time.

"I will tell you my answer soon." saying this, he went to his room.

The marriage between Gu and Lin was set up by elders of both the family even before they were born. But he didn't want to get married.

He went to a drawer and took out a ring. This was the ring which he got when he woke up in the jungles. This was there on his marriage finger!

Does this mean he is married?

But to whom?

Whenever he thoughts this, an event comes in his mind. That event of the banquet! Su Xi showed him the picture of her husband but he refused to believe that he was the same person.

'What should I do?' Gu Yan sighed. He needed to answer to Mr.Lin as well as his grandmother but he is confused about what to do.

'Help me, God!'


On another hand, Su Xi was doing her work. Secretary Wan has sent her work at home only.

But her mind was drifted somewhere else. All she can think was of the red file and the content inside it.

'Ahhhh.... Why my mind isn't working!!!!!!!' Su Xi has accidentally clicked on delete button and her 2k Words long presentation was now gone.

She threw papers on the floor in frustration. Su Xi laid back and just stared at the ceiling.

She had so many beautiful memories with Ye Huo. It's almost impossible to take him out of her mind

Then only she heard a knock on her door. it was the butler.

"Young Madam, there is a parcel for you."

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