140 Almost death!

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Ye Nian stepped out of the car. Her mother suddenly called her and asked her to the hospital this later at night. Afraid that Ye Shan will be alone the night, she asked her mother's one friend to take care of him for the night because she also has a daughter of the same age. 

But then, her eyes caught someone. 'What the hell is Shi Yu doing here!?' Did her mother call him? But why? Curiously, she went near and touched his shoulders lightly. "Shi Yu, what are you doing here?" He turned around and found Ye Nian standing here. 

"I should be the one asking you this. Why are you here this late?" Shi Yu can't help but ask her straightforwardly. Although he felt something was amiss because she was also here and Gu Yan called him suddenly and asked him to turn up here. There was something not right here for sure!

"My mother called me here."

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