119 Against his grandparents!

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Gu Yan's eyes widened when he heard Grandmother's words. Why us everyone telling him that he has fallen for her!? Even Shi Yu said the same things that he is in love with Su Xi but this was not the truth.

Yes, he feels an attraction for her. How can you not expect a person of Forty years not to be attracted to a beautiful and bold lady? She has everything a person looks for, except that she is a widow, mother of three children as well, a little stubborn. Quite his taste but he would still not prefer her.

"NO! I do not love Su Xi at all!" Gu Yan shouted as he slammed the table in front of him. He is afraid of himself that one day, he will fall in love with her. If that day arrives, how is he going to face that? He doesn't know it.

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