111 A suspicious call in mid night!

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"Hmm. I agree with that, he looks exactly like you. But the fact we want to know is that…" Pointing towards the picture of Ye Huo, Shi Yu said

"Is that person you or not!"

Shi Yu had felt till this time that yes, this was Gu Yan but he can never be confirmed as they have no proof for it. Sometimes, even if you are sure of something, you need proof to believe it.

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"How can we find this out? We have nothing to know. He is already dead and on and only thing, her husband must be buried then why I'm here?" Gu Yan asked in a serious tone. He wants to know now. A sudden urge to know the truth was coming in him. Maybe this was true that Su Xi is his wife and those three lovely children were his!?

Thinking of this possibility, Gu Yan thought he wants this to happen. It would be so good! Those children of his.

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