130 A pervert!

Ye Shing was no interest in staring at the girl in front of him at all. But what caught his interest was not herself hut her costume. 'Who even wears this type of costume here?'

But his staring constantly at her didn't fit well!

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"Hey! Hello? Are you even listening to what I'm saying?" The girl waved her hand in front of the boy again to bring him out of the daze. She found him really weird. Who the hell stares at a girl like he is doing, if he is not a pervert.

Although she does not believe that he is a pervert because they aura and the way he carried himself.

"No, I won't give my cupcakes to you. Sorry." Ye Shing rejected her request and shook his head, again looking at the menu. But it looked like the girl in front of him was really persistent in her request.

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