7 2 Years Later.

2 years later…..

Its was evening in states. Road lights were on, horns of cars can be listened and the traffic was on another level.

"Young Miss, I think we will be late for the meeting. The traffic is too much." Said the driver.

At the backseat of the car, a lady in one black one piece, was sitting with legs crossed. She was wearing goggles which hided her eyes. She was reading one of the business magazine. Her hairs were straight.

This was none other than, Su Xi. She turned her gaze towards driver and said, "Try your best."

"Yes ma'am."

They soon reached the hotel, it had total 60 floors. They went straight to top floor. There was the CEO of multi national medicine company, Mr. Fu.

He stood up and forwarded his hand.

"Good evening Ms. Su."

Su Xi removed her goggles and hand shake with him. "Please take the seat."

"Ms. Su, we have been waiting for so long to collaborate with your company. It was our honor to be with you."

Su Xi was silent.

"Ms. Su, the conditions for contract are like that, we will supply you the medicines but it will be 70% our profit."

Su Xi looked at this man. He surely knows how to do a business, but he took a wrong judgement and that is thinking Su Xi is newbie.

"Mr. Fu, we will sell medicines, it will be under our name. You are using the machines provided by us and even charging money for the cost of medicines. But now you are also interested in sharing of the profit. Mr. Fu, are you being too much confident?" Su Xi stated.

"Ms. Su, we can also deal with another company. It will not be out loss but yours. You are dependent on us."

"How about I pass on the information of you using illegal methods as well as material for making medicines for Fian company?" Su Xi asked. She knew business well.

Mr. Fu was covered in cold sweat.

"You can't do this." He was confident she can't.

"Let me show you something. Secretary Wan, please switch on the screen and lets show something interesting to Mr. Fu." Said Su Xi.

"Yes ma'am."

Screen was opened and a video of Mr. Fu meeting with a gangster to take illegal raw material was shown. "Next" spoke Su Xi.

Another was a video of him exporting cocaine was shown. His face, his movement and even his voice was clearly visible and audible.

"H-How d-did you find these out?" Mr. Fu was shaking from head to toe. He was covered with sweat and his face was now pale. His smirk was long gone.

Su Xi turned to him and said, "I see its not important Mr. Fu. The most important think is that what I want from you now, right?" said Su Xi calmly. There was smile on her face. But this smile was deep.

"What do you want from me."

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