8 10% Share

Su Xi straighten her up and sat back with her arms on chair.

"I want 10% share of you company, which will also make me a board member of your company. Don't worry, company will be yours and you will stay in your position, just remember, I wish to use your company not destroy it."

"S-Sure. I will sign the contract."

Su Xi smirked. "Secretary Wan, bring the papers."

They both signed it and now Su Xi held 10% of multi national company.

As Mr. Fu was leaving, Su Xi said,"I don't like to be threatened or blackmailed, remember this."

She was no more that old Su Xi, who was shy and timid. But now, she is new Su Xi, a fearful person.

"Ma'am, where should we go?"


"But ma'am, we received an invitation from Miss Flora for her birthday party.""Where is the party?"

"In the East club." "Send an apologize gift for not coming."

She doesn't attend any business matters in night. Neither she goes to parties which are in night, except if it is important and if place is safe for children.


They reached the home. Su Xi opened up a new branch of Su family business in states. Now after 2 years, Su family was involved in mostly all the business lines, either it is entertainment or electronics, they are powerful family in whole Asia.

"Secretary Wan, now go to your home. You family members must be waiting for you."

"Thank you ma'am"

She entered her home and she saw Butler Ni trying to comfort Ye Shan and make him eat food. "What happened Ye Shan?"

"Mom, you are late again." She checked her time and she was late by 10 minutes.

"Sorry my child, this will not happen again I promise." But Ye Shan was still angry on his other. "Ye Nian, please help me in coaxing you brother." Su Xi turned towards her daughter.

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Ye Nian was checking her phone, when she heard mother, she signaled her towards the ice cream. Su Xi got an idea.

"That means our, Ye Shan isn't interested in eating chocolate ice cream. Don't worry then, I will finish it for him."

Ye Shan immediately stood up and went to dining table. "Butler Ni, bring my food I will eat but mom, you aren't allowed to eat my ice cream."

She also asked Ye Shing and Ye Nian to join them for dinner. Ye Shing was now already an adult. He was nineteen this year. He is doing hacking course online, as Su Xi didn't allowed him to go and study abroad. He had black hairs and his facial expression was more like Ye Huo.

"Shing, how is your work going?" Su Xi asked.


It was a rule for them that no matter how busy they are, they all will have dinner together at one table with each other and will share their thoughts with each other.

After dinner, Ye Shan was taken to bed by butler Ni and Ye Nian also went to her room as she had her school next day. Ye Shan was doing home schooling. He had somehow managed to come out of that trauma.

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