6 'I will come back!'

Ye Shing can only sigh. 'If I knew the answer to this question, I would have gone to look for that person.' but instead he kept his thoughts to himself.

"I don't know Nian. But we will find out, if not mother, I will do my best to find out who is the murderer of our dad. But for now, we have to take care of Ye Shan. He is most disturbed because of this. The mother will also have other things to manage. We have to be her poles. You understand?" asked Ye Shing.

He knows that these things were complicated. For now, it is best to escape as their mother said. They need to secure themselves before attacking someone else.

"I understand brother. I just wished we could have attended my father's funeral." 

"We can't you know."

"I know." Ye Nian can accept everything but the thorn that their father is no more eating her up. They have cried a lot! When their mother fainted, she knew how Ye Shing, who is the strongest among them, also broke down!

Ye Shing stood up and zipped his and his sister's bag.

"Let's go and see mother. She may need our help."

When they went to the mother's room, they saw mother had already finished her packing, she was staring at a photo frame. It was a family photo. They all looked so happy in it


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Su Xi turned around and saw her children. She had worn a long golden coat along with black boots. Under she had worn a black piece.

"Ahh.. let's go, see if your brother has finished packing. I'm bringing bags down."

They both nodded.

Outside, everyone stood with their bags. Ye Nian asked, "Mom, why can't we take the driver with us?"

"No baby. I will drive and on the way we have to meet someone also."

"Have you taken passports of each person?" reminded Ye Shing.


They drove a blue range rover. Soon they reached the parking space. They saw a black car and a man standing out.

Su Xi got out of her car went towards that black car.

The man standing outside the black was none other than her dad's most important people and bodyguards too.

"Young Miss, please get in. Sir is waiting for you in the car."

She got in the car and saw her father.

"Su Xi are you sure?" Father Su asked.

"Yes. I want to leave. There I will start a new branch of our Su company."

"You have my genes. I know you can do it. Just remember, if you encounter any problem or if you are in danger, you have to call me."

"I will dad don't worry."

"What about Ye Huo's funeral?" asked Father Su. Though he was an orphan, he was after all his son-in-law for eighteen years.

"You manage it."

"Su Xi, you know you can start a new life with anyone else if you want. Children can stay with me."

Hearing this, Su Xi straightens up her back.

"Dad, in this lifetime, I was only of Ye Huo. I have his children. I don't want anything else now. I just want my children to be happy and settle down." Su Xi made her side very clear and Father Su simply let her do whatever she wants.

"Be safe."

Su Xi nodded and got out of the car. She walked to her own car and went straight to the airport.

At the airport, she took one last glance at the city in which she had lived and got married.

'I will come back to avenge for you, Ye Huo.'

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