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My Brother Is A Warlord


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If you like this then you'd definitely love my new book [Child Of Hades]. Please check it out! Separated at a young age after losing both their parents in a car crash; these two brothers lived completely different lives and went through completely different experiences. Now in a new world of elves, goblins and magic; and on opposing sides of a centuries old war, watch how they grow strong and fight new foes all in the hopes of gaining more power to take control over their own lives. But the powers that be won't make things easy for them, nor will they be given power without a price.... Posting schedule: One chapter will be posted everyday at 12:00pm EMT. Please leave your your thoughts and expectations in the comments section.....I really value them This is a war novel, so there will be violence, explicit battles and the occasional blood and gore....Be forewarned. Thanks for coming and I hope to see you in the review section..... Update... The new volume (volume 2) is going to take a few chapters to grt into the real fight scenes, and may be a bit slow at first, but I promise it's going to be spectacular to read as things even out. P.S.That's only if you like blood and monsters .. D_RegalInsomniac


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