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" Increase the dosage of cobalt chloride by 90g;"

"Doctor?", the nurse gasped looking at the doctor with shock in her eyes; "are you sure?"

The doctor inhaled deeply to calm his nerves, sighed and said;

"Yes nurse, 90g. The patient has entered an anaemic hypoxic condition, we need to speed up the production of the erythrocytes, if we don't, she might go into a a cardiac arrest,

And if that happens, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do to save her.''

The entire operating system was tense, and although the a.c at the corner supplied cool air, the doctors and nurses were drenched in sweat.

"But doctor, isn't that an overdose?"

"I'm afraid there is no other alternative, even if we inject a whole pint of blood into her, it still won't be enough, the patients case is critical, the blood won't be enough her body has to manufacture it's own blood and the cobalt chloride is the only thing that can stimulate the production of erythrocytes.

If we don't administer the cobalt chloride, she"ll die, besides, she might as well be dead now. It's the only option we've got"

With shaking hands, the nurse got tablets of blue cobalt chloride and placed it in water to dissolve, it turned pink. She got a syringe and filled it with the pink liquid.

The cardiac monitor which was attached to Tang An's body started slowing down, until a long beep was heard and the line went straight with no breaking.

The nurse hurried to inject the patient lying on the operating table. she stepped back and all the medical staff in the operating theater held there breath.

After a few seconds, the line broke and a disturbance appeared on the cardiac monitor. They all gave a sigh of relief in unison.


Two weeks later;

Tang An opened her eyes to find that she was in a white room. For a moment she thought she was in heaven, but that thought quickly disappeared as the sound of soft beeping coming from beside her bed could be heard. She turned her head to see that it was a cardiac machine, she traced the wires connected to it to find that it was attached to her body.

She tried to sit up but grunted as she her efforts proved futile. With extra strength, and great pain, she managed to sit up. Just then, a nurse carrying a tray walked in.

On seeing Tang An awake, she gasped , covering her mouth with her ebony coloured hands, at the same time letting the tray fall to the ground. She didn't even bother about it as she ran out of the door.

Shortly after, she returned with a doctor, who was also ebony skinned, but of a lighter complexion. They came running to Tang An's bedside, the doctor smiled down at her, revealing a white set of perfectly dentated teeth, his smile was wide as it stretched to the corners of his eyes.

"Hello Tang An, its nice to see you're awake, I'm Dr Ezike, do you know where you are?"

Tang An nodded slowly looking around her surrounding once more.

"And where are you Tang An?" the doctor asked.

She looked at the doctor with a distracted expression on her face. She swallowed some saliva because she found that she was dehydrated. And in a voice no louder than a whisper, she said; "Hospital".

"Very good Tang An, it's good to see that your thinking factor is at full swing.OK now, Tang An, we'll have to take some tests, I hope you don't mind. And my nurse colleague here will give you your medications."

Young Tang An gave a curt nod in response.


In the waiting room;

A man could be seen pacing back and forth the length of the corridor facing room 195A, a woman sitting on a bench opposite it looked so haggard and completely devoid of energy.

Her long black hair was in a frenzy on her head, her white sink was pale and drained of color, the sleep bags underneath her eyes could be seen clearly, and her tear stricken face had become unrecognizable.

Her clothes were just a rumpled mess covering her body. And sitting beside her, a boy no older than twelve years rested his head on her shoulder.

When the doctor walked through the doors of room 195A, they got up immediately and all looked at him expectantly with hope in their eyes.

"Well?" Tang An's father asked in a pitiable voice.

The doctor inhaled deeply breaking into a broad smile.

"She's awake, and her vitals are stable. Its a miracle that she survived. We still don't know the full details, but for now she seems fine. We will still run some tests to find out more".

With this, all three individuals that had looked at the doctor with hope gave a sigh of relief. Tears had begun to well up in her mother's eyes once more and her voice was shaky as she said;

"So, when can we see her?"

"Well, now will be fine if that's alright with you, but remember, she's just waking up from a coma, so refrain from doing anything that may stress her.

The father-mother pair looked at each other with new found joy, they held each other as they walked to room195A.

On the bed was ten years old Tang An in a sitting position, examining her body, the different bandages all over her body indicated that she had been in a fatal accident.

She turned at the sound of the door opening, and she watched as her mother walked towards her, her father following behind her and her older brother behind him.

"Oh my baby!", exclaimed Tang An's mum in a soft unstable voice; "my precious baby, my precious little girl", she ran to hug Tang An taking care not to hurt her. She examined her body as she kept on crying, saying; "you're alright, you're alright".

Her father tried to pry her away from Tang An, reminding her to take heed of the doctors warnings.

Tan Jiang who had been quiet all this while hugged his little sister he had almost lost. The hug lasted for a while, as their hearts reconnected. She wiped the tears off his face as she smiled at him.

Her dad was the last to embrace her, being a man, he couldn't show any signs of weakness. So he had been strong for the family during this whole ordeal, not letting a single tears drop.

After the family reunion, Tang An asked in her sweet girly little voice; "What happened?"

Her father spoke up; "We found you at the foot of the mountain beside our house, you were in a pool of blood, apparently you had fallen from a great height, and by the time we found you, you were unconscious, your bones were shattered and you were in a bad condition.

We called the emergency line immediately and the ambulance came and took you away in a gurney. No one really knows what happened, but we lost Tang Ming".

Tang An's mother began to cry again at the mention of her daughter's name.

Tang An paused in her track repeating the words Tang Ming, she went into a shock, her whole body quivering and the cardiac monitor going crazy. Her mother screamed for the doctors and fell to the ground wailing loudly, "DOCTOR! DOCTOR!! DOCTOR!!!".

Tang An's body vibrated at a great amplitude, making the bed resonate with her.

The doctors and nurses ran into the room in a frenzy, wondering what was going on. They ushered the family out of the hospital room.

After some time, the doctor emerged from the room with a distressed expression on his face which created fear in their hearts.

"We've managed to suppress her for now, and we've carried out some tests. And from the CT scans we received and what you told us, we found the cause of the seizure.

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Apparently, because of the accident, the neurons in her brain which were connected to her memories of Tang Ming, had some how got fused to her cardiac neurons.

Hence, any time Tang Ming or anything related to her is mentioned the neurons will sort of short circuit, because the information cannot be processed, leading to the shock on her heart.

Because of this, Tang Ming most never be mentioned again in front of Tang An, not ever. And if peradventure she is, she would go into a seizure again, and we aren't sure if we will be able to control it."

A piercing sound could be heard ringing through the walls of the corridor. It was Tang An's mother screaming before she broke into another heavy sob. Her breathing was haphazard, but she was still able to say in between breaths;

"So she killed my baby and forgot about her, so she killed my baby and forgot about her.



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