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My Bro Transmigrated

White-Bearded Xu Timo

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What is My Bro Transmigrated

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I am Li Yao, I am really anxious right now.    I just received a message from my bro who has passed on. Although she’s a girl who I got along with very well and she is charismatic, I am still anxious about what that needs to be anxious about. Afterwards, my bro told me that she transmigrated and even became a mage... I know, I might be striking rich soon. …… Li Yao: “What happened to being an eye pleasing angel? Why are you still a dark devil?! I want a refund, I tell you!” Lin Xiaowei: “Get lost!” Li Yao: ”Sure!”

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Serious Review If you guys are wondering what in the world happening with the synopsis. hey its basically this. MC's bro is dead and got transmigrated. and this 'bro' is actually a girl who used male clothes most of the times when she is still alive, basically she is a tomboy.. hence 'bro' in the synopsis, its not a mistake. as for the story, its kinda interesting. MC's goldfinger is actually his 'bro' who transmigrated and keep sending stuff from another world so as to upgrade MC in the modern world. this story is actually very interesting and kinda new, ive read the MTL version and its suprisingly good. the only cons is that this book picture is F*CKIN TRASH. It downgrade the book's value for most poeple. I bet you get baited by the pict and after getting confused by the synopsis you guys just leave, Right?


Just imagine, What if all this was simply his imagination? His way of coping with the loss of his friend. The tool to fight with his crippling depression.


Raw title: 我死党穿越了 Status: 873 Chapters (Completed) Tags: Urban life, Rating 8.7/10 (77 Votes) ................... ...................... ........................


A pretty great read about having a transmigrator friend while the main character is the one who didn't transmigrate. So far it's a nice light read with pretty women and world building.


There’s already grammar mistakes in the synopsis so I’m wondering how bad the translations are gonna be. Hopefully it’s not as bad as it seems.


This story is rather interesting. I don't remember reading this kind of story where another character transmigrates instead of the MC but the cover is misleading. If you don't read the story, you won't really know the entire idea of the novel just by looking at the synopsis either. The translation is ok, not the best but neither the worst, and the cover...I'm pretty "inpressed."


This story is alright but it’s quite interesting for me. I would really like to see this get chosen although not as good as Game of life or apocalypse forecast it’s still a solid story compared to some of the other trial read books. Man am depressed that those two didn’t get picked but hey what can you do am I right? Anyway I hope those of you with coins could invest some here so it can be picked, it’s really a interesting concept.


How is this bro a girl if it is a bro.It is kinda making me reluctant to start this.yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyyoyoyyoyoyoyyooyyooyyoyoyoyoyoyoyyoyoyoyoyoyyoyoyoyyoyoyoyoyoyoyooyyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyooyyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoooyooyyoyoyoy Imma put this at an average for now but put the translation as low cause of the synopsis quality


I really like this novel. It has a completely unique premise. The MC is not the transmigrator with the golden finger; instead, the transmigrator is his golden finger. Unfortunately,I, I don't think it will be chosen. Is there anywhere I can continue reading?


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It's a well written novel. The story isn't fast, but it flows quite well. Characterization of the various personages is good, and the background is setup quite interestingly. There is some intrigue and as usual 60 chapters is just not enough. I highly recommend this novel. There are no arrogant young masters, but there is an interesting setup, good MC, personable secondary characters and well written plot (so far).


I think this novel is a hidden gem and i hope this novel can be regular.. if you read first ten chapter you will know this novel have a unique plot than others novel out there. Highly recommended..


I liked this story and I really hope you guys do to. This is one book I liked and I hope you guys will like this book too. I hope you enjoy this


The story is great, not cliche like most of the Chinese novels with the constant face slapping that happens each chapter. No crappy auction arcs or saving an old man that is actually influential or anything, no immortal cultivation bull****, just magic and qi. and the mc is actually kinda smart and doesn't make enemies left and right. It's just sad that there are only 60 chapters.


Well it was good in my opinion i like the book cover and the story was just goof i would recommend it to anyone around the age of 13 through 16


Oh my GAH! I found a Gem! Love the premise, can't wait to see how the writer handles it. Hopefully something more than just lemon lemon stuff happens, cuz is love to see that




I don't know about this... I hope it gets even better in the future!...................................................................................


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