1 Chapter 1

I was walking down my street in the cool night air counting the cracks in the cement as a passing by when I look up I see a box and there was a sound coming from it sound like some sort of animal "but in the neighborhood I live in could most likely been a rat" I jokingly thought in my head. As I walked up to the box to see what was in it I feel a buzzing in my pocket I pull out my phone to see it's a call from my mom I pick It up "Jess are you going to make over for dinner tonight"I replied "No,I don't think so sorry Mom." " it is okay sweetie I will see you soon" "I love you Mom" "love you too sweetheart" I hang up the phone. I walk back over to the box to I see a dirty white puppy with one grey eye and one blue eye I decide to take him to my apartment.When I get home I place the puppy on the couch and I go grab my computer from my room.*glass breaking* I run back to the living room and I see my favorite flower pot on the ground and then I see the puppy sit next to it "really pup you had to break my flower pot" I looked at the puppy with puckered eyebrows with a slight frown. I groaned as I picked up the glass all over the floor.As I was sweeping I have feel a weird feeling like I'm being watched I look around the room and a I see the puppy looking at me I squat down and pick him up "I see I picked up a spy" the puppy tilted his head a little to the side and looked at me confused I giggled " let me give you a name I can't call you pup for ever" I put the little guy down "your name should be..." I was interrupted by a call I looked at my phone but I quickly put it back into my pocket "why does he keep calling" I mumbled under my breath I look back at the puppy would was know sitting in front of me "your name is Askanions" he looks at me with a side eye "see you don't like that name how about something more common" I think for a moment "how about Carlos" I said look down at him he's wagging his tail and running around me I smile and pick him up " tomorrow we will go to the pet store and buy you food, a bed,and some toys" "oh and take you to the vet".