1 Chapter one - Experiences


I woke up by the sound of the alarm, it was my first day in college, I hurriedly rushed into the bathroom to have my bath, I turned the shower and let the cool water flow down my body for some minutes, I was still having my bath when mom screamed my name, I quickly rushed out with a towel wrapped on my body, I hurriedly dressed up and went to the dinning, my family was waiting patiently for me, I hurriedly took a sit and we all said our prayers and ate our breakfast, I quickly stood up after few minutes with my food half eaten. Mom urged me to get more food in my stomach, but I insisted on going to college stating the fact that it was my first day in college and I was going late. Mom let me be and I took to my heels to get a taxi, in few minutes time I was in my new school. It surroundings where beautiful and its lawn large, a canteen to have fun and the sports building weren't left apart.

I walked briskly admiring the beautiful surrounding, until I bumped into someone, I raised my head up to see a surprised and beautiful red hair girl staring at me, I hurriedly apologized repeatedly and walked without giving a second glance, until I got caught in my tracks to stop by someone. When I turned, I realized it was the same red hair girl, she walked up to me with her hands out and a smile on her face.

I shook hands with her, and she spoke.

I'm Bailey Parker by name. What about you?

I'm Chloe Oliver, I was on my way to lectures before I bumped into you

Maybe we could hang around later if it's fine by you.

Sure! Why not Chloe?

Alright if you said so bailey, once again its nice meeting you.

Same too Chloe, have a nice time in school

I walked straight to the class. Indeed the college life was different from my high school, I just need little time to get familiar with my new environment.

After several classes we came to the end of the day lesson.

college I hurriedly walked to the canteen to meet Bailey, it wasn't a long walk, so I got there In no time, just to see Bailey waiting, I apologized profusely and she understood,

Then she spoke, Chloe how is your first experience in school?

It is cool, the classes and everything.

I need to be getting along with everyone, And in no time I'd do so,

Indeed my first experience was good, having a new friend, and getting to know more things about my college.

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