26 20 Million, I Don’t Care!

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"Myriad Vine Co.!"

Ralph knew that this group was one of the largest groups in the software and game fields in America, and it covered a wide range of business fields.

The manager of such a large group had a very high position, and he actually came to look for the boss of a company.

"It should be about the central antivirus software!"

Ralph felt that this was the only thing in his company that could attract the attention of the manager of such a big company.

"Go and meet him!"

He left the Divine Condor's digitized world and returned to the real world.

Then, under Alice's arrangement, he met the manager of the Myriad Vine Co. in the company's President's office.

"Ralph, I'm Lecter, the manager of the Myriad Vine Co.'s software business department!"

Lecter extended his hand and shook his hand to greet him.

"Manager Lecter, please have a seat!" Ralph also showed a very friendly attitude.

As soon as Ralph sat down, manager Lecter's tone changed.

"Ralph, let's cut to the chase. I'm here to buy your company's central antivirus software. Ten million is the price our company is offering. As long as Ralph sells the central anti-virus software to us, ten million will definitely be paid to Ralph on the day of the signing of the contract!"

At this moment, Ralph's expression changed.

"Manager Lecter, are you trying to get rid of a beggar? Although I'm still in my senior year internship and have yet to graduate, I'm no less knowledgeable than the average social elite. You want to purchase our central anti-virus software for just ten million?"

"Do you know how many downloads the Central anti-virus software has? It has already exceeded 100 million. More than half of the countries in the world know about central anti-virus software. The central anti-virus software is a big brand, and it receives an annual advertising fee.

"It's as high as 5 million, and it's just the beginning. I believe that I'll earn even more in the future. Your company only wants to spend 10 million to buy the central anti-virus software. You've calculated well enough!"

Ralph's tone was a little angry.

"Ralph, calm down. This is a negotiation!" Manager Lecter quickly said.

He knew clearly that he could not treat Ralph as a young man who had just entered society and had some luck and programming skills. He had to treat him as a serious businessman.

The price he just offered was just a test. If Ralph really agreed, then Myriad Vine Corporation would make a big profit.

If you don't agree, just raise the stakes!

"Ralph, your company should be short of funds at the moment, and just one antivirus software can't support a company for long. The advertising revenue you mentioned is indeed good, but the popularity of the extortion virus incident will soon pass. Central antivirus software is indeed the top antivirus software, but the real advantage is not high. As time goes by, the popularity will decrease. How many customers still use central antivirus software?"

Ralph remained silent

"Our corporation is a top-tier group company in America. If we manage the central antivirus software, we will definitely be able to make the most of this antivirus software. It is indeed a bit of a waste for your company to have this software."

"What a waste."

"How about this, our company can offer 20 million capital and 10% of the advertising revenue of the central antivirus software in the next ten years. This price should be enough to satisfy you!" Manager Lecter said with a smile.

Manager Lecter thought that Ralph would definitely be excited when he heard this condition, but Ralph was very cold and had no intention of being happy at all.

"Manager Lecter, you have a sentence that makes me very unhappy. Is the central antivirus software a waste in our company? You seem to be questioning our company's ability. That's right, our company currently only has the central antivirus software as a project, but that doesn't mean that it will be the same in the future. Maybe in the future, our central company will even surpass the Myriad Vine Co.!" Ralph said coldly.

"Ralph, we understand that young people are arrogant, but don't be unappreciative. If you refuse our company's conditions today, if you want to sell it for 10 million dollars in the future, we won't accept it!"

Manager Lecter stood up, his tone was extremely unfriendly.

To the Myriad Vine Co., this acquisition of the Central anti-virus software was just a small project among many projects.

If they could acquire it, they could acquire it. If they could not acquire it, it was fine.

The huge company did not lack anti-virus software!

"Alice, send the guest off!" Ralph shouted.

Alice came in and sent Lecter off.

The agreement was broken!

After sending Lecter off, Alice walked in and said, "Ralph, why didn't you agree? 20 million dollars plus the advertising revenue for the next 10 years, its true value is immeasurable. That's money that can not be earned in a lifetime!"

"Alice, you still don't understand business. You're counting on the anti-virus software to fall into the hands of the Myriad Vine Co., how much advertising revenue will there be in the future.

"There is a method called diversion. With the shrewd methods of their company, the traffic on the central antivirus software will definitely be diverted. In less than a year, the so-called central antivirus software would just be an empty shell!" Ralph said calmly.

"Moreover, a mere 20 million dollars is nothing. I don't care at all! Without sufficient status, what's the use of having money? For example, what is this guy today? He is just one of the small upper management of the company. He is only arrogant because of his organization. If our central management company was as strong as theirs, then today, Lecter would be the one who would lick my boots!" Ralph said in a deep voice.

"Therefore, I'm preparing to develop the central management company!"

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