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"So you are Kelly Ho, my new accountant!" he asked glancing her degrees in the file she provided.

She fumbled biting her lips. "Y-yes S-I-r"

"Are you really an accountant?"

He got up from his chair with the file in his hand. He sat on his desk in front of her such that she looked away taming his beautiful body.

Pushing the specs back on her nose Bridge, she rested her hands in her thighs. "Yes sir, with three years experience!"

She replied only to be pulled up suddenly from the seat in his arms. He pulled her close locking his arm around her waist while he ran the thumb of his other hand on the corner of her lips. "Nah! I am sure you are lying because— you are too hot to be a boring accountant!"


Kelly, was a simple chartered accountant with baggy jeans and loose top who loved her job and boyfriend equally.

It was just a boring typical lovestory with typical dates, typical late night talks with a perfect guy who cared for her like his second skin. She was happy until the badass billionaire Emmett Li, her boy friend's inspiration entered her life as her boss.

A Boss who changed the course of her life drastically!

~My billionaire boss is jealous of my boyfriend.

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