1 Chapter 1

Today is a beautiful day. I'm on my way to school right now but I'm not alone I'm with my best friend Harry. Harry Styles the hot guy at school. Oh, by the way, I would introduce myself. I'm Alice Edwards Tomlinson. I'm from the US but when I was 6 my dad decided to move to the UK. How do I know Harry? Well, my dad is Harry's mom best friend and that's how we know each other.

"Alice" Harry spoke to me


"Daydream huh?" he chuckles

"Nope" my face turn to red like a tomato

"Yes you are," Harry says like that and then he laughs at me just because of I'm daydream. I HATE HIM!

"Why you hate me hate me Alice?" shit, he read my mind. F*CK YOU HARRY!

"You want to f*ck me come and get" Harry say like that make me madder and madder at him

"HARRY CAN YOU SHUT THE F*CK UP!" I yelled at him and that makes Harry laugh

"Aw my little kitty hate me but I love you my kitty," he says like an I'm a 5 years old kid

"Harry, can you shut your mouth for the second?"

"I'm sorry"

"Thank you so much. BY THE WAY...I don't have mood today so don't disturb me. Get it, Harry?"

"Are your period?" he asked me. Need I tell him that I'm period. Nah just tell to him so he didn't disturb me.

"Yup," I say and I run away from him.

"HEY WAIT FOR ME!" he screamed at back I just laugh so hard till I fall to the ground.

"Hey why are you laugh like that?" he asked me. Why I laugh so hard till I fall to the ground?

"I don't know maybe because of my emotion"

"Alice one word," he says.

"What it is?"

"Stupid" I laugh hard from where I fell till we arrived at school.

"Alice we already arrive at school why you still didn't stop laugh?" he says to me and I stop laughed and try to act normal.

"Em hm sorry, let's go to our first class" we go to our locker and put our things and take our books.

"Alice, which class are you this morning?"

"History and that class is so BORING," I said to him and he laughed at me

"Don't worry my first class is History too. You seat beside me today"

"YESSSS" we walk to our first class and take a seat

We waited for about a minute but still no teacher in class so we do our thing like running around, jokes around and talks to our friends. But then I saw a teacher walk in but not our History teacher.

"Stand up class, good morning Miss...Ariana" we said when one of our class said and we sit down.

"Okay, good morning class. My name is Miss Ariana Grande you can call me, Miss Ariana or Miss Grande and I will take over Mr Mendes class today because he has a meeting out of our school so I will start a class today."

"Miss Grande are you new here?" one of nerdy boy asks her

"Oh I forgot to tell you that I'm new here" we nodded and I look at Harry and I saw him blushing. Okay, I think he falls in love with Miss Grande.

"Harry...psst" I whisper to him but he did not hear me

"Psst...Harold" still he not hear me so I whisper louder than that

"Hazza!" he turns around and he looks at me. What a gorgeous green eyes. Omg Alice wake up

"Yes, Alice?"

"Are you fall in love with Miss Grande?"

"Maybe yes maybe no. She looks beautiful and cute" he said and turn back to see Miss Grande. OMG, WHAT I NEED TO DO SO HARRY BACK TO NORMAL? This thing always happens when new girl teachers or student here. Even he has given to this one teacher a note and it writes 'want to go a date with me?' and the next day he got into the principal room. Sick.

"Omg Harry principal have warned you or you will get a kick out from this school Harold"

"Fine I will never fall in love with her again" he looks like he gives up when I said like that but he will never give up tho. I feel bad but that's a truth. That's why principal believe me because he knows that I always remind Harry.

"Good so pay attention because next week we having a test" I whisper to him

"You over there!" Miss Grande point at me

"What are you doing at back there?" She doesn't have any mad tone wow she different.

"Um...nothing just discuss this topic teacher"

"Okay but please talk slowly so you do not bother the other okay?" I nodded and Miss Grande start again what she teaches us. I hope she going to teach us forever. I don't want Mr Mendes back he so bored.

After the first class...

"So where are we going now, Harry?" I asked Harry after we out from the History class

"I have math after this. How about you?" shit. I'm having an English class after this and I hate it.

"I'm having an English class and I hate it so much"

"But you having your best friend right there isn't it?"

"Yes but...she with her boyfriend"

"Did you mean Louis?"

"Yes Louis and she always sit beside him and doing something weird but a teacher never saw that"

"Are they kissing?!"

"No, they not kissing EWW!"

"Oh okay...well see you at break time"

"Okay" I waved at him and he waves at me back. I walk straight to English class and I sit down at the last table. When I turn around...there we go SWEET COUPLES AT SCHOOL.

"Lina...Have you done your homework"

"I always did my homework Alice HAHA" she laughs at me. I just like...wtf.

"Louis you sit beside me today because our lovely teacher don't want to see you sit beside her again"

"But why? I want to sit beside my lovely girlfriend" he looked at Lina and smiling at her. I need bucket so I can throw up. This is so disgusting. DISGUSTING!


"Fine...babe only today okay?" he nodded at her and she comes to me

"Change place...you sit at my chair and I sit over here," I said to her. She rolls her eyes and we swipe our seats

"Now you will learn how to controls yourself from kissing with him again and you Louis," I turned around and face him

"Don't you ever come to this table and you too Lina don't go to his table. Both of you understand?" they look at me and they give up and nodded.

"Good. I love you guys"

"I hate you, Alice," they said to me and rolled their eyes.

About a moment later our teacher comes in and I shock because not our English teacher come in but...Miss Grande. Thank god.

"Hello, class. I'm Miss Ariana Grande...You at back stand up" she pointed at me and I stand up.

"You look familiar. Are you from History class?"

"Yes I am Miss Grande" she nodded and we start our class.

After the class

I'll go to my locker and put my things. Grab my lunch box and I hear the voice calling my name. That must be Harry.

"Alice!" he yelled my name until he arrived at his locker.

"Yes, Harry?"

"Nothing" he laughed and I punch him at back.

"Ouch, that's hurt, Alice!" I smiling and we both burst to laughed.

"Let's go eat. I'm hungry right now." he nodded and we go to our favourite place. The place that we always go a while lunch, having some depression or we go there with no reasons.

"Ah, I love this place so much. It's so beautiful and peaceful. No noise. I love it" Harry smile to me and I smile back to him. We had our lunch and Harry start talking.

"After we have a high school we going to college and maybe we at different places...I guess." I give him a warm smile and I start to eat back my food. I can't help but cry.

"Why are you crying, Alice." I looked up and he tries to wipes my tears but I push his hand and I wipes it by myself.

"You stupid ass. We already promised that we will be together no matter how. We even promise that we going to college together. Don't you remember?" Harry look at me and sigh.

"Alice listen"

"No, I don't want to listen. Just finish your lunch" he nodded and there is silence. We use not be silence a while we eating before but right now I feel like I don't have a word. He has said to me before he wanted to be a singer. I hope that we are not so far far away. If one day Harry being a singer I hope he won't forget about me.

After lunch

I go to my locker and put my thing. I've not talked with Harry after he said about college and whatever it is that shit. I can not leave people that I love especially Harry. Wanna know why? Cause... I... crush on him.

To be continued...

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