My Baby Daddy (Min Yoongi/Suga) Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

My Baby Daddy (Min Yoongi/Suga)


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Polaris is almost contented with her life. She has a good and high paying job. She have a very expensive condo unit that she can go home to, and three high end cars, which she actually bought from Europe. She has everything that every woman in her age wants to have, but, well... except for a boyfriend. She doesn't believe in love though, or having a serious relationship with someone. She likes to be on her own, and she only sees romantic relationships as a waste of her time and energy, she haven't even had a boyfriend in the 25 years of her life, but as weird at it seems, she wants to have a baby. She did everything, so she could adopt a child, but she failed. That didn't hinder her, and resorted in artificial insemination, but it unfortunately, it failed. So one night, out of desperation and heavy alcohol consumption, she offered an INDECENT PROPOSAL to the guy, she least wanted to become her baby's father, the egotistical leader of the Idol Boy Group Gideon—Shin.


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