4 So My Attractiveness Attracts Fierce Beasts!

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Mike had no time to loathe John as his mind was in a daze.

The Titan Ape, Flaming Horse, Giant Yellow Rhinoceros, Titan Python...

These Fierce Beasts were all Warrior Level Fierce Beasts, and there were even some Hero Level Fierce Beasts among the herd!

One had to know that Hero Level Fierce Beasts were the leaders of the herd, every single one of them could cause a large-scale Beast Tide!

This time, all of them appeared here.

Most importantly...

These beasts could attract the attention of the higher-ups of the human race, but why were they all running in Mike's direction?!

Mike wanted to run, but under such circumstances, he realized that there was no way to run!

Unless he grew wings, only then would there be a chance of survival.

However, when Mike looked up at the sky, he immediately dismissed this idea.

Let alone not having wings, even if he had wings, he would not be able to fly.

That was because the sky was filled with flying Fierce Beasts. However, the distance was too far, so these flying Fierce Beasts were the size of locusts.

However, soon, one of the 'locusts' became bigger and bigger, and in Mike's eyes, it actually turned into an incomparably huge white dragon!

The white and red scales on its body looked as heavy as armor. Its wings were over a hundred meters long, and red sparks shot out from its mouth and nose. Its long fangs were stained with the blood of an unknown beast.

However, there was a large wound on the belly of the flying dragon.

It was really hard to imagine what kind of fierce beast could hurt it.

However, even if the dragon was injured, it was definitely not an easy opponent!

When the dragon looked at Mike, there was a hint of human-like fanaticism in its red and green vertical pupils.

This fanaticism was like a bachelor who had been thirsty for decades seeing a peerless beauty.

Before Mike could react, the huge dragon claw grabbed Mike and was ready to flap its wings and fly away with Mike.

After being grabbed, before he could react, a group of bugs made his heart skip a beat.

"Oh no, these are Iron-Armored Bloodthirsty Bugs."

A large group of Iron-Armored Bloodthirsty Bugs appeared in the sky and blocked the flying dragon's path.

Just as its name, the Iron-Armored Bloodthirsty Bugs had high defense and were very aggressive toward injured species.

Even their larvae were at the level of a Rare 1-Star.

There were at least hundreds of thousands of Iron-Armored Bloodthirsty Bugs in front of him!

They covered the sky and were enough to eat any Warrior Level Fierce Beast.

However, just when Mike was worried about the flying dragon and himself, a ball of scorching flames came from the sky!

This group of Iron-Armored Bloodthirsty Bugs was directly burned to ashes!

So powerful!

However, what was going on with this dragon?

Mike, who was caught, did not feel any discomfort.

Mike had learned about Fierce Beasts. The more powerful the Fierce Beasts were, the better they could control their own energy.

This time, it was obvious that the dragon had deliberately controlled its Fire Element so that Mike could avoid suffering from the red flames.

Just as Mike was thinking, the dragon spread its wings and flew high, directly taking Mike away from this place.

After a moment of dizziness, the dragon and the man appeared in a quiet valley.

After landing, Mike stared blankly at the huge creature that was dozens of meters in front of him.

The dragon was also looking at Mike.

It snorted, and a ball of flame shot out from its nose, like two fire dragons that were entangled together.

It looked a little awe-inspiring, but at the same time, it was also a little cute, like a child who wanted to be praised.

Although Mike did not know what the dragon in front of him wanted to do, Mike could confirm that the level of this dragon was definitely not low!

It was definitely much higher than the Hero Level Fierce Beast that he had seen before!

When this awe-inspiring dragon that made everyone tremble in fear looked at Mike, a hint of gentleness actually appeared in its eyes.

This kind of gaze made Mike feel a little familiar.

This was the same gaze as the red blood tiger from before, right?

If the first abnormality was not enough to make Mike pay attention to it, the second abnormality was enough to make him pay attention to it.

Could it be that the Attractiveness Value given by the system was not to attract humans, but Fierce Beasts?

After this thought appeared in his mind, Mike instantly suppressed this thought.

No matter how handsome a human was, how could they attract Fierce Beasts?

In history, there had never been such a situation with Beastmasters. They all subdued Fierce Beasts through their powerful strength, established a connection with them from a young age or tamed them for a long period of time.

There was not a single person who could attract Fierce Beasts through their looks.

After dispelling the thought from his mind, he asked nervously, "Hello, big dragon. Is there anything you need from me?"

After asking, the flying dragon shook its head.

"Then do you want to be tamed by me?"

Although it was impossible for an adult Fierce Beast to be tamed, Mike still wanted to ask.

The result was obvious. The flying dragon also shook its head.

Seeing this, Mike was very confused. He did not understand its behavior at all.

Mike then casually asked, "You don't want me to be tamed, and I don't have anything that you need. Then, are you taking me away because you saw how handsome I am?"

Mike was just casually saying that and did not actually think that at all.

However, something strange happened.

At this moment, the big dragon actually looked like a human and showed a shy expression.

It nodded and then quickly lowered its head, not daring to look at Mike.

"This... This can't be true, right?"

Looking at the big dragon's shy expression, Mike subconsciously thought that he had seen it wrongly.

However, after wiping his eyes, he found that it not only lowered its head shyly but also used its tongue to lick away the soil on Mike's body.

Seeing this, Mike could not help but swallow his saliva.

He asked again, "Don't tell me you like me."

After asking, Mike could not understand how he could say such an idiotic thing.

How could a Fierce Beast have feelings for a human?

Moreover, it was an extremely powerful Fierce Beast. It was already good enough that it did not eat a human.

Besides, Mike's looks could not even attract a 40-year-old lady's attention.

How could he attract a ferocious dragon?

However, a strange thing happened again.

Such idiotic words actually caused the flying dragon to nod its head shyly once again.

"What the f*ck is going on?!"

Mike was completely speechless.

However, something even more unexpected happened.

A mechanical voice directly sounded in his mind.

"Ding, dong, due to the host's extremely good looks, you have successfully attracted the Green-Eyed White Dragon. Obtained 75 Admiration Points."

"Ding, dong, the Green-Eyed White Dragon has fallen into the host's good looks. Does the host want to tame it?"

It was only after hearing the system's explanation that Mike finally understood.

It turned out that the attractiveness attributes given by the system were all targeted toward ferocious beasts and not humans!

After confirming this point, Mike was able to understand the abnormal incidents of the past few days.

After that, without even thinking, he directly signed a contract with the Green-Eyed White Dragon.


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