My Amazing Smartphone

In 'My Amazing Smartphone,' follow the extraordinary journey of Akira, a seemingly ordinary boy who, after a tragic accident, finds himself reincarnated in a parallel world resembling Earth but concealed beneath a veil of hidden magic and supernatural wonders. Unaware of his past life, Akira discovers newfound abilities that defy the laws of nature. And the source is a Smartphone? ....................................... NOTE: This novel was originally written by MR. Pervert. But he stopped his work on this book in the middle because of his personal issue. So I picked it up after getting confirmation from him. He uploaded 30 chapter. And I will start from there too. I will also change a few things and add a few things this in the previous chapters too. ........................................ Tag: Incest, Harem, Hentai, Kinky ........................................ Warning: This is a Hentai story with Incest tag. So read on your own decision. It also has a lot of weird and Kinky sexual act. So don't complain later. ....................................... World 1: Twilight X Teen Wolf 2: Solo levelling 3: 4: 5:

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Like mother like son (A perverted Duo)

Akira wakes up feeling hot on his lower body. He opened his eyes instantly. He looked down and saw his mother licking and sucking his dick like a lollipop.

"Good morning, honey." Susan looked at Akira and said with a smile.

Akira looked at her and remembered all the thoughts he had before he went to bed. So he decided to act before she went completely crazy.

"Mom, I want to do the same, I want to eat your pussy." Akira said with a straight face.

Susan was shocked to hear him say that so boldly. But she is happy and gets up and moves closer.

Akira looks at her shorts and takes them off. She doesn't have any underwear as he took that off yesterday.

Susan moves her leg over his head and lowers her ass down on Akira's face. Akira looks at her pussy from up close. He can smell the sweet smell of her pussy.

Akira opens his mouth and gives it a lick. He tasted his mother's pussy for the first time.

"Umm!!" "Ahh!!"

Akira grabs her hip and pulls her into his mouth harder and starts to lick without any technique. All the techniques he read in the book went down the drain.

This is his first time doing this. So he only licks as he wants.

Susan can understand that. But it doesn't matter to her. She is feeling the best feeling of her life.

Her son, the love of her life is doing this. It will always be best for her.

"Ahh!!" "Umm!!" "Ahhh!!" "Good, baby. Keep going."

Susan moans and compliments Akira at the same time. After a minute of eating her out, Akira stopped.

Susan also stops moaning. She looked confused and looked down.

Before she could say anything Akira said "Mom, I want you to be my woman."

Susan looks at Akira shockingly. Suddenly her eyes became misty and she smiled and nodded.

She gets off of Akira and sits beside him. Akira got up and leaned toward her. He pulled her face towards him and kissed her.

The kiss was filled with their passion and love for each other.

Akira grabs her T-shirt and takes it off. She isn't wearing anything underneath. Her big G-cup breasts and red nipples look very alluring.

Akira takes off his clothes in a second. He kisses her again and then kisses her neck. In the process, he laid her down.

Akira moves down and kisses her chest. He looks at her nipple and licks one. He grabbed her other breasts and squeezed them.


Akira nibbles a nipple and sucks it like a baby. While he squeezed the other one.

After a minute Akira lifted his head and said "I love you. I have always loved you."

Akira kissed Susan and said, "I don't want you to hurt yourself for me."

Susan was surprised. But before she could say anything Akira kissed her again.

"You don't need to explain." He kissed her again.

"I will never leave you." He kissed her again.

Susan now starts to tear up. But she is happy.

Akira licked her tears and said, "Don't do anything that will be harmful to you."

"I hate it if you hurt yourself for me," Akira said as he also felt emotional.

Akira set his dick to her vagina and said "I will give you something that no one will ever get."

"Mom, no Susan, I love you and I will always be with you as your lover. You will be mine and mine alone for eternity."

Akira pushes his dick and he starts to go inside her.


Akira gives a big thrust and completely goes inside her. "From now on you are my woman, Susan."

Akira can feel the hot mussels of his mother's pussy wrapping around his dick and squeezing. It's so warm and feels so nice that he feels like he will melt like ice cream.

Susan pulled Akira into a kiss and said "I love you too."

"Sorry for doing all those things. But I was afraid, afraid that you wouldn't like me anymore after you got into a relationship with someone"

"I panicked and did all that. Sorry for being selfish but I can't help it. I love you too much. I don't even want to have the idea of losing you."

Susan kisses him again. She wraps her leg around Akira's waist. She is happy that she is his first and this will always be her.

She kisses him deeply. It's more of a wild kiss than any technique. They don't need any techniques now.

After a long kiss, Susan moved. Both mother and son look at each other and smile. Then start giggling. Akira kisses her again.

Susan touched his face and said "But I don't want to lose my son to get a lover. I am not heartless. So call me a mother. Even if we have sex, call me mom."

"I want my son to have sex with me. I don't want a lover." Susan said to Akira. She grin and said, "I want my son to fuck me."

Akira's eyes widened and his dick throbbed. Then he suddenly giggled and said, "It sounds so wrong but it is actually true."

"Mom, then let me fuck my first home," Akira said.

Susan smiles and feels horny. She really meant it. She isn't shy about it. It's true and she wants it that way.

"Yeah, son. Fuck your mother harder. Claim your mother's pussy only for yourself." Susan said

Akira nodded and started to move his hip slowly. Susan also unwrapped her leg so that he could move.

Akira started to move his hip back and forth. He increased his speed with every second.

"Umm!!" "Ahhh!!" "Ahhh!"

"My son is fucking me."

"Baby, fuck me harder." "Ahh!!" "Ahh!!"

Akira turned on more when he heard his mother say all this. Imaginary smoke came out of his nose and he thrust harder.

"Mom, do you love your son's dick."

"Yes, baby." "I always masturbate thinking of this little dragon destroying my pussy."

Akira moves faster and harder. Sounds of body hitting body and moaning ring the whole room. Outside rain also started to pour heavily.

"Mom, your pussy squeezing me so hard."

"Well, I trained myself with Dildo."

"Did you train for this moment?"

"Yes, baby. I always wanted to give you the best pleasure."

"Ahh!!" "Ahh!!"

"Well, I am happy you did."

"Ahh!" "Ahh!"

"Yes, me too."

Just two minutes later Akira felt like cuming. He look at Susan and said, "Mom, I will cum."

Susan wrap her leg around his waist and said "cum inside Mommy, I don't want to waste your first release."

Akira becomes excited. He gives her a few hard thrusts and releases his cum inside her.

"My son is cuming inside me, my son is cuming inside me." "I am cuming too."

Susan arch her back and wrap her leg around Akira tightly and she also released her cum.

Her eyes rolled up as she felt Akira's hot liquid inside her.


Akira and Susan look at the ceiling and breathe heavily while they have a smile on their face.

Akira turned toward Susan and said, "Sorry Mom, I cum fast."

Susan shook her head and smiled and said "It's okay, it was your first time. We can work on this."

Akira smiled and kissed her lips and said "We should have done this earlier."

Susan giggled and said, "If you hadn't today, I might have raped you."

Akira chuckled and said, "That would have been very sexy."

Akira then looked at her lower body and saw his cum was oozing out. He touches her pussy and rubs his cum on her pussy and asks "What if you get pregnant?"

Susan lifted her head and looked at her pussy and said "It's okay, I am on a pill."

Akira looks at her and asks "Did you expect this to happen?"

Susan nodded her head and said, "I expected this but I wasn't sure that you would really do it."

Akira smiled and said, "Yeah, I just fuck my mother."

Susan smiled and said, "It's good, I also expect you to fuck me every day."

Akira kissed her lips and said, "I will Mom, I will."

Susan nodded and smiled. She looked outside the window and saw the rain had stopped. She then looked at Akira and said "You should go to school now. You missed yesterday."

Akira looked outside and nodded. He gets up and lifts her in his arms. "Ahh, I am heavy. You will get hurt."

Akira lifted her easily and said "You are not. You need to use the toilet, right?"

Susan nodded and looked at her hand. She smiled embarrassingly, it was worth it. If she hadn't done it then this might have taken longer.

Akira looked at her hand and said "I think it's already healed. You should take off the bandage."

Susan was confused but she nodded her head.

A few minutes later "it's really healed, there is not even a scar." Susan said astonishingly.

Akira smiled. Susan became sad and said, "I have to go to the toilet alone."

Akira laughed and said, "You are sad about this." Susan pout. She looks cute doing that even at her age.

Akira kissed her and said, "Okay, I will accompany you every time."

Susan looks at Akira and asks "Really?" Akira nodded.

Susan kiss him and said, "Good, I always wanted to pee while you fuck me."

Akira chuckled and asked "You have weird fetishes. But I like it."

Susan smiled and said, "Yes, I have many other ideas I wanted to do with you."

Akira chuckled and said, "We are a big pervert." Susan chuckled and said, "Yes we are."

Susan then asks "Can you spread my pussy lips while I pee?"

Akira grinned and nodded. Susan sat on the toilet seat and spread her legs. Akira sat on his knees and spread her pussy lips.

Akira looks at her vagina hole where he was born from and the pee hole on top.

Susan touches Akira's head and then starts to pee. Akira looks at her peeing and Susan looks at Akira's face.

17 years of affection, 7 years of love and 5 years of dormant is now fulfilling.