My Amazing Dream System
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My Amazing Dream System


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What is My Amazing Dream System

My Amazing Dream System is a popular web novel written by the author _midnightsunshine_, covering SYSTEM, GAMING, CULTIVATION, FUTURE, DREAM, ROMANCEACTION, MYVAMPIRESYSTEM, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 45.9K readers with an average rating of 4.87/5 and 11 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 35 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In a modern world ruled by advancing tech, humans forget their true roots, the true reason for their existence and the invisible energy that connects them all…the Qi. But this forgotten art starts to pop up again when a passionate doctor creates a system which allows one to cultivate and at the end achieve immortality. Though, playing this game comes with serious repercussions… After Tiara’s tragic fate, this system proves that it can help her return to her normal self, but what if that includes teaming up with the most annoying, rude and sneakiest jerk ever known! With the help of the system, can cultivation be possible again in the modern world? Join Tiara on this scary roller coaster journey to find out as she plans to go from zero to hero, take out kingdoms, and become a part of the most talented Ochre Immortal Sect while smacking some jerks on the head…all on her own. That’s surely impossible! Or is it?


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I LOVED IT! I like tragic backstories I must say that molded the current personality of the Main Characters, the complexity of it, and how it will affect the current scenarios. This is a new idea for cultivation novels with the incorporation of dreams into the typical cultivation system. The vibes felt like Sword Art Online without the harem, to be honest. And a distinct cultivation system that actually makes sense. The intriguing prologue and first few chapters set the tone of the novel perfectly. You will fall in love with the originality of this novel and the potential of how deep the worldbuilding. The writing is seamless and the reading immersion is so smooth. The pacing or transition of the novel is wonderful as well with excellent cuts, concentrating on the interesting parts only and avoiding unnecessary or unimportant things in the process. Overall, it's a great read. It's worth a try reading this! Give it a chance! Thanks for the effort making this Author. You did a splendid job. 🤗😊


It's the author here, hi! Even though, I gave my story 5 stars, this may vary from person to person. Anyway, this is the general overview of the System-Cultivation novel {My Amazing Dream System}. ~The story does not heavily focus on the system or cultivation as this is meant to be a novel for carefree, light reading. So if you worry about not knowing the terms but still want to give it a try, then go for it! ~The story is written in a manga/manhwa style as I read those a lot, so expect a comic like experience while reading ;) ~What happens to Tiara doesn't touch isekai, but it's somewhat close! ~No. Harem. ~No dumb villains in this one! ~I have tried my best to write in the simplest to read way as possible, allowing light reading. Though, grammar mistakes & typos could have sneaked in without my notice. As readers, do correct them if you find any! ~The story is female lead, thought it may seem like male-lead because of Percy's obnoxiousness for getting the spotlight fufufu... so let's say I give equal importance to all characters, even the tiniest. ~If you have any other questions, ask away :3


Brilliant piece of writing. Really loves the way the entire story is being narrated. Clearly, the one who pens this down has a highly talented and passionate author within. Long way to go. Cant wait to read more from the same author and looking forward for the same.


the author has done it again...and this time its really even more interesting! Cant wait to see how Tiara is going to grow in the system. so i have given this to librarian to keep in the library! [img=recommend]


Tiara’s childish yet matured behaviour is very well described and lovable😍… Also Percy‘s character too 😘… I love the chemistry between them and also Tiara’s and her brother’s love for each other🤩… Waiting for more chapters (im) patiently 😜


The background and system is good for now. Hopefully the author will keep it up. The characters have their own unique personalities and relationships which is great. World build seems pretty well though so far. Overall is good. **. me help the author for a few things in this book huehue


Dear author, I really love the way you narrated the story .It's getting more and more interesting. I really can't wait to read more. I support you dear author .I must say you are an excellent author. I really love it's tags , characters etc.Love your story and best of luck . Keep writing the novel.😘😘😘


This is an amazing work- a combination of System and cultivation novel. The author is succeeded in creating a wonderful world of her own- "A dream System" where the MC's( Tiara )character is well built. The cultivation sects are also wonderful. Keep up with the good work. Keep updating. Lots of love dear author.


System and cultivation along with a game setting? now that's a combination I like. Liking it so far and want to keep on reading. the overall quality is also good.


So I clicked because of the system theme but to my surprise, it had cultivation in it too! From the first few chapters, I'm really hype to read what this holds...an interesting setting. I'm not giving 5 star right now tho, because I want more chapters.


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