1 Sneek Peak

°You can't find me!°

°I'll surely find you!°

Father and Son playing hide and seek, it was a beautiful and peaceful day in the park of Soul Crystal, These few years have been the best years any of them could ever wish for and that was because their Alpha has finally given them an heir regardless of the child being a Gamma...

The last seven years have been a blessing to them, but they all know that not everything can last forever and they have all been waiting for the day the elders would come and destroy all of their happiness.


°We can't believe the fact that a strong Alpha like you would have a Gamma for a son!°

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°isn't he also a werewolf like us what difference does it make? I can't change the work of the Fates!°

°I'm not saying you should, but there could be a solution for this°

°What solution do you have in mind Elder Hart?°

°When your son comes of age, send him to the Alpha's Academy After all he has Alpha Gene's in him. Probably the training will bring out his true potential°

°What you said is right!, I agree°


°What is a lowly Gamma looking for in the Alpha's Academy!?°

°What sort of insult is this!°

°I'm Going to die!°

°Yes you are and I'm so glad you know your fate. Better run to daddy if you don't want me to catch up with you!°


°You're not fit to be a leader!°

°But father why are you saying this when my coronation is in Three Months?°

°That's because I just realized how weak you are, an Alpha is meant to be a fierce leader, strong, a decision-maker, a king that his people can look up to!°

°But father I am still studying in the Alpha's Academy and I know that by the time I'm done I'll be a great Alpha!°

°No son, with everything I've been hearing from the school especially about the bullying and how the other students want you dead?, I'll have to withdraw you and take you to another school!°

°But father, what if the other school is way worse and they don't just want me dead this time but they kill me!°

°Maybe fighting for your life will make you stronger!°


Skin hitting skin could be heard around the Forrest, a blow to the face!, a blow to the stomach!, a kick!, claws tearing the skin. A bloody figure on the ground overpowered by ten Alphas. Body swelled with immense beatings, eyes barely open before shutting down finally.

"Welcome to the Alpha System host..."

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