3 A New Place

In the pack known as Soul Crystal, the park was in frenzy due to the Alpha's son Lew who would be leaving to begin his journey as an independent teenager who would be leading the park one day into a brighter future. Lew would be going to the all Alphas academy training camp to start his training among alphas, no one wanted to voice their thoughts but they all have the same thoughts and that was will he succeed? Although he had shown that he is capable but everyone had their worries, he would be in a place filled with alphas it was meant to cause worries after all he is just a Gamma wolf.

°Hey man, do you need my help in packing?° Sven asked leaning against the doorway of Lew's bedroom

°If you want to help, you don't have to ask right?° Lew replied not bothering to glance in the direction of his so-called best friend who had decided that a day before his departure was the time to throw a temper tantrum.

°You know I didn't mean to react in the way I did right? It came as a reflex and I am so sorry for acting like a child during our last days together before I might never see you again°

Lew won't deny it but he knows the reason behind his friend's hostility, he understands how he feels after all they are bonded. being bonded takes a lot of courage, trust, and understanding between both individuals but Lew wouldn't always support him and be the only understanding person during this whole Bromance, he also wants to be understood but it feels like he is the only one in this relationship, to begin with, a one-sided relationship.

Sven knew he had messed up big time but he wasn't ready to admit it neither was he ready to completely bond with his best friend the main reason for his hesitance was that he was scared to completely be vulnerable to someone else, although Lew understands him better since he was the only one who accepted the bond. Sven hates himself so much because of the pain he causes his friend every day by ignoring the bond but he wasn't ready yet and he wishes that when he would be ready it won't be too late.

Sven kept watching his friend and the soon-to-be alpha of their pack ignore him completely like he wasn't standing in his doorway. For now, he knew there was only one solution and that was to break down and admit his feelings after all that was the only way Lew would acknowledge him.

Sven wasn't ready to break down in a pack full of wolves with heightened senses that could listen in on their conversation and use it against him when his friend won't be there to defend him. One thing he wouldn't make the mistake of doing again is to not reconcile with his friend so blocking all of his insecure thoughts he said the one word he hated saying the most.

°I am sorry okay?!°

°Why are you sorry?°

°I've been throwing unnecessary tantrums and also ignoring my feelings when I know what it does to you ...….°

°That still doesn't explain why you are sorry?°

°It does if you would just listen to me and let me finish my words you hulk! I am deeply sorry because I have been I coward and instead of talking to you, I made you feel them instead which by the way is very shitty of me to do but I couldn't help it so for that I am sorry°

°What else are you forgetting?°

°You little…..! After all, I just said that's what you could say! I feel like I've been talking to a brick wall you.....°

His reaction to a little bit of ignorance from Lew was so much fun to watch for lew. Smirking at his best friend, he pulled him in for a hug trying hard not to laugh at his frustrating expression.

Their little moment was broken by the sound of knocking on the door, Sven wiping the tears off his face he sent a glare towards his friend, "If anyone finds out I ever cried, I'll cut off your precious hair!"

Opening the door for the intruder who ruined their moment, they were met face to face with Crystal the Luna of their great pack.

°Son, are you done parking? We are all waiting for you. remember, you can't be late on your first entry into the school even if it is the weekend!°

°Yes ma, I'm finally ready to go! I'll miss you guys so much!°

°Promise me you won't cause any trouble Lew!°

°I'll try not to Sven!°

It was time for his departure and training to become the Alpha of his pack, this has been the day he had been waiting for but he can't help but feel uneasiness.

The city was beautiful was all he could say, the scenery made him feel calm the liveliness was enchanting this whole scene was like a whole new world to him. The city of Black Tomato, Norway.

Lew had only heard stories about this beautiful city but he never thought he would ever visit such an astonishing city in his entire life. The city was full of life, laughter, love, and most of all peace despite the freezing weather it was still beautiful that it was making him breathless.

The car had suddenly taken a huge U-TURN and was heading straight for the mountains instead of the city. Looking out his window, he could see so many wolves of different sizes running around the forest freely and away from the human eye. Now he understands why the school was in a secluded area, he had always wondered why the school was never spotted on the map and he could see for himself why.

There are three mountains joined together in such a beautiful way that when looking from afar it looks like a pyramid making the mountains cover up the school and making it not noticeable but that alone can't cover up a school because once the car went around the mountains, there was nothing behind it until suddenly the car went into a liquid substance taking them into the school premises like some sort of portal. It was a beautiful site to see.

On arriving, there were cars aligned in rows with each of their pack crests on the cars to represent their pack. The car rights in front of him were that of the werewolf Royal family according to the crest imprinted on it making it grand and stand out among all the other cars due to not only the crest but also the beautiful gold color of the car.

'Wow! I've always wondered how the prince looked, now I will get to see him first hand.' Lew thought getting excited to see the prince.

Getting to the school entrance he was welcomed in by the private guards which belonged to the school alone, knowing this by the number of times he had seen them on the news and in posters when the School's private media comes to find more information about the school so the werewolf community can have more ideas of the school before enrolling their children in.

Seeing as how the extra guards weren't there when the other students entered, he was surprised when the guards suddenly gathered right in front of his vehicle taking out his luggage, opening his car door. It was weird to him to receive such treatment and doesn't know how to react.

°Good day your Highness, I hope your journey was pleasant?°

°Yes it was, but what did I do to deserve this treatment?°

°As you may have forgotten and I am only meant to tell you so little, let me help you in recollecting your lost memory. You are the heir to the current owner of the Academy as he doesn't have a son or daughter to be his heir which by the way your father has agreed to°

°You are saying I'll be the one to inherit the school when the time is right?°

°Exactly your highness!°

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°But why do you call me in such a way? I mean I'm not a king or prince neither I'm I from Royalty?!°

°To every worker here, you are!°

°Well since I am still confused, I would like a tour please°

°Right this way My Prince°

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