4 Episode 4

How did I exactly end up with this huge hoard of girls behind my back leaking blood lust all over!!!!?

I breathed heavily running round the racing ground unconsciously holding the flag with me. I over ran about two people ahead of me, though they got flying out of the track with that huge group chasing me. I didn't look back, I just ran for my life!

Why was this happening again?

Oh right! I probably stomped one of their idols or something. I can't believe that girl was the college idol!

How clueless do I have to be to know nothing about people around me!

More importantly, I ran past checkpoint and handed the flag to our trainer without even stopping for a breath and continued to run towards the building finally managing to shake off the crowd behind me. I hid inside the locker room to take breather.

What the hell? This is more horrible than I thought..

So that was Himari Aoi, a prodigy at school. She's a senior with top grade, she's athletic, she's in drama club and most of all she has alot of fans. Wait..that's not it, they can't be same people, I mean Himari Aoi is supposedly from an elite family, why would she be in a public bus wearing a cheap hoodie?

I mean that doesn't make sense..

I shook my head, it's probably just a mistake, maybe that girl was wearing lens or something, I don't know.


How do I live with all this confusion?!

It all started with me and dad having a petty fight? How did it come to this?!

I messed up my own hair in utter confusion when I heard the recess bell. I fixed my hair a bit different so that I might not be recognized right away.

Yes..I would go to the cafe, have some food and have a normal day. I decided to myself and finally stepped out of locker room only to find Himari Aoi standing right infront of me. I almost froze at the sight of her, what did she want? Is she here to blackmail me? Take revenge for falling on her? Should I say sorry? She is the same girl right?

I found myself focussing on my memory while staring at her deep blue eyes and soft looking black straight hair that reached close to her waist.

"Is there something on my face?'' She finally spoke and I realized that I was staring too much and looked away quickly.

"You..are you same from morning?'' I asked her straight forwardly. She looked at me with the same look she gave those guys in morning. The look that said 'are you dumb?'

"Don't get me wrong, I just didn't see your face clearly in the morning'' I spoke right away, she could tell how nervous I was.

"You wore it'' she said looking at my clothes, which looked like an affirmation that she was the one who put the new uniform in my locker.

"Eh, you put it there..um..thankyou'' I replied kinda unsure about why she was really here.

"Hiromitsu Natsuo'' she called out my name which widened my eyes because I did not really expect her to know my name like that.

"What?'' I replied abruptly.

"Will you be my friend?'' She replied.


What the hell is she saying? Is she kidding? Is she making fun of me? Is she pitying me? I don't even know her that closely, what kind of sick joke is this? Moreover isn't she a senior? She has alot of fans, why not befriend one of them?

Alot of questions stormed my mind at the same time. How do I respond to this? Jokingly or serious?

"Um listen..Himari san..''

"Aoi'' she interrupted 

"Aoi san, I don't really think I know you and we aren't even in same years, I am not trying to offend you but we have nothing in common and no reason to be friends'' I replied trying to be as straightforward as possible.

"So there needs to be a reason to be friends?'' She asked and I obviously had no answer to that but her request was too weird to take on anyway.

"What about this?'' She said taking out her cellphone and showing the video she took in the morning..yeah it wasn't a picture! She took a damn video! Yeah! I was freaking out now

"Delete this!'' I said getting rather loud out of nervousness.

"Why? What do I get out of deleting this, there has to be a reason no?'' She spoke straightforwardly with an expressionless face. I instinctively marched forward to snatch the phone from her only to be rammed into the wall with my arm twisted behind my back.

"This is blackmail, I can report you'' I spoke with my cheek pressed to the wall.

"Go ahead'' she whispered in my ear from behind which sent shivers down my spine.

"What did I do to you, why are you doing this? Why me?'' I asked frantically trying to pull away my wrists that were held forcefully by her.

"I won't ask you to do it for long, pretend to be my boyfriend for a month and I promise to delete it'' she said.

"Wait! It was friend two seconds ago! Why are you changing it up as you go!'' I scolded angrily.

" I lied, I need you to play my boyfriend'' she said with a straight face and slowly loosened my wrists as I pulled away from her rubbing them. Even a few seconds left dark prints of her grip on my wrists.

"Why me?'' I asked the most obvious question.

"Because nobody else can''

"What do you mean?''

"If I ask anyone else to play my boyfriend especially my fans, they would get attached and romantically involved, you do not seem interested in me'' she replied.

That sounded logical, if she were to ask any fanboys, they would likely try their chance and she can't ask any haters either. I am a safe option because she barely knows me and I won't really hit on someone who is blackmailing me. Though why does she need a boyfriend that bad?

"Did you save me on that train just so you could use me later?'' I asked rather feeling annoyed and being toyed with.

"No, I just don't like bullying of the weak'' she replied.

"I'll kill you! Who are you calling weak! I'll fry your corpse and feed it to ducks, fear me!'' I almost threw a tantrum.

"I'm at my wit's end here, I am supposed to be a part of an arranged marriage on behalf of my family, I do not want to marry that person or go abroad with them..I can't say no without a reason either, I doubt he would take a no without a reason either...just a month, be my affair, so that he would refuse the proposal and return back abroad'' she spoke with desperate eyes.

"What the hell, dragging a random person to do this for you, on top of it using blackmail, do you have no friends?'' I realized I was somehow feeling bad for her, stop it heart..that's your blackmailer, don't go around pitying bad people..

Yeah but..is she bad? She didn't save me to use me did she? She just looks like she is low on choices right now and wants to use anything she can get..

I rubbed the back of my head with a half confused and half sympathetic expression while she desperately stared at me for an answer. I took a deep sigh and took a pen out of my pockets and to her surprise I took her hand and wrote my number on her palm. Can't believe i'm giving my number to a girl..an idol on top of it.

She watched me scribble with a glowing expression. Though her face looked emotionless but somehow from the glow of it I could tell she was happy.

Jeez..what am I getting myself into..

"Just so you know, i'm doing this for the video only and for one month only and don't you try anything funny, you better delete it'' I said almost with a pout as she nodded rapidly.

"Thankyou'' she spoke timidly and waved as she walked away.

I just wanna go home..this day was crazy..!

Again..it all started with me and dad having a petty fight..how did it come to this?

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