1 The Beginning

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In the deep darkness of space there is a young man of average looks and  he has black hair and black eyes is of 183 or 185 cm height is sitting on space or whether it is; in front of a throne upon which there is silhouette of person and upon closer look that person or whatever it is completely dark or white or shining like a star it is like that person has infinite forms and is conversing with the said young man and for some of you this situation might be confusing so let me explain the situation. You see that mentioned young man at the start is me and for what I am doing in this place which definitely looks like space with stars here and there but God knows how many light years away they are from me and for how I am in this situation I will have to begin explaining how I got here so let's just rewind...

India 200X

In a hospital you can hear a baby  crying....

Actually that is irreverent to this story i guess, no yes no yes. Yes that is related to this story but never mind It. We rewinded a lot. So let's start again I am.... never mind it doesn't matter, so just yesterday or not I don't know how time works in this place or space or if it even has a concept of time. Wait if it has space it should have time right. We have side tracked a lot I guess so yesterday or a millenia ago I was just a random person A, right so i was a engineering student and just like any student one morning I was getting ready for my college when;

In a room you can see a young male is in the process of wearing his shirt, he suddenly stops buttoning his shirt when he hears a *beep beep* his phone ringing he checks his phone and identifies the caller as his friend and taps on the answer icon resumes wearing his shirt and speaks

"Hey what did you call for"

'Just the guy to waste my time when I am getting late'

"Nothing just wanted to ask you what were you doing?"

"I was just in the process of finding sheep's so I could become a shepherd"

"What you wish to be in future is your choice but I was asking what were you doing right now?"

'Damn the guy knows just how to annoy me' and replies

"What the f**k would I be doing if not getting ready for college, first of all i am late and then I have you trying to break my mind"

"Well you should take that back why would I want to mind break you and that sounds wrong for whole lot of reasons"

"F**k you and your corrupted mind and just tell me why the hell did you call?"

"Nothing much just wanted to check with you if you ate going to college or not? "

"Well I am obviously going to college today and why the hell would you ask?"

"You see from the first day of college to this very day I have rarely seen you in college but I have had this doubt  how you manage to score more in exam wait that is irrelevant right now. Well every time you skip college you're always giving unique reasons for your absence but I know you're just either reading or watching something at your home"

NOW you can see the male is irritated 'OK now he is wasting my precious time which I could spend for better things than this'

"OK so please get to the point"

"So what's special today that you're going to college"

"Well I'm basically forced to go to college or else I won't have enough attendance for eligibility and wait you're going to college, so you are not coming today"

"You see I usually don't believe in horoscope or any other bull sh*t but today i have a really bad feeling and even in todays horoscope it said that we have a really bad day today"

'Well I was born one week before him so we share horoscope'

"I don't believe in those things and today I can't give sh*t about it or else my attendance will commit suicide"

"Yea so all the best and be safe"

"OK thanks and don't worry too much about it"

'I can't give sh*t about it today anyway'

"So bye"


By the time phone call ended he was all ready and set to go.

'So let's go and I don't have much time before the first class starts'

"Bye everyone I am going or else I'll be late for college"

" Take Care and be careful " he hears back and replies fast before going

"OK will take care to go carefully"

'Well I should get going or else I'll be late'

With the heavy rain ongoing in the not so busy streets you could see our protagonists racing fast towards his college where he face turns towards the road where comes upon a child with her dog crossing the road when suddenly a bike comes speeding straight towards the child

'Sh*t at this rate'

The Protagonist body moves automatically towards the girl at the last moment he manages to save the girl by pulling her backwards and the dog manages pull back upon hearing the sound of bike.Whereas the bike just speeds past them.

"Hey don't drive your bike that fast. Are you okay? "

"Yes I am fine and thank you for saving me"

"It's fine just be careful where you go"

just as he was making sure she was okay it was all it took just the moment of negligence and a truck was seen coming toward him

'f**k my life what the f**k'

He manages to push the girl out of the way and jump back himself just as the truck was going to hit him while the truck stops and just as he was abot to get up to check on the girl

"Hey ar..."

Lightning strikes upon him and he didn't even get to finish his sentence.

****************** THE END *****************

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