Reviews of My Alienic Life In Omniverse(MHA[My Hero Academia] /Omniverse)


My Alienic Life In Omniverse(MHA[My Hero Academia] /Omniverse)


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this is a 8.5/10 its really good only problem i have is the spacing and how you do flashbacks and stuff other then that its reallly good i hope you dont drop

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It's a great story and I hope you can continue this fic. I've been a great fan of Ben 10 and it's hard to find fics where he isn't nerfed. You have nerfed him at the start but I understand that it was against ROB, so it's borderline fine. I hate it when they nerf him. He is Ben 10, the wielder of the Omnitrix and the strongest being in his universe. If you can't get the story interesting or progress by his fighting everyone and ruling the world troupe then approach the story from a different angle. Also, the trauma troupe is overused. The premise of the story is interesting and great but the execution isn't up the bar. I have the same problem while writing, I have a general idea of the story but I mess up with the pacing and execution. Sometimes I make the scene progress smoothly and I struggle. It is awkward and feels forced. It's great that you liked my fanfiction of Overlord with LOTM if you have any ideas or think you can add anything of value they do comment. Also, this fic is great and I hope you continue with this fic. I understand that college can be hectic, and you can't find time to do this but if you do get time, I hope you continue this fic. It's great. The last thing is it has a few grammatical errors nothing major, it is readable and understandable. My first language is also not English so I understand but I hope you rectify those errors. #If there are any errors in this review, please find it in your heart to forget them. Thank you for your valuable time


Author here, I'm here shamelessly giving my fic a 5 star. But i do hope you read my work and do comment your opinion about and point any mistake you could find as I haven't checked some chapters and just uploaded the rough draft. Do give a review.