57 Payback Was Due

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Fifth Young Master Shen's eyes widened. How coincidental for them to run into Chu Wuyou!

He wondered how she would greet him and Ye Lanchen. What sort of reaction would she have? Would she be surprised, emotional or excited?

However, at the next moment, he realized Chu Wuyou never even threw them a glance. She simply walked away! She walked away! She walked away!

Could she be letting her prey go in order to entrap him later? Yet, Fifth Young Master Shen did not detect any such intention from Chu Wuyou.

Fifth Young Master Shen was perfectly certain of one thing. Chu Wuyou did not look at him and Third Elder Brother at all.

In other words, they were completely ignored.

It was fine if he was ignored, but to ignore Third Elder Brother?! Was this woman blind, or was she ignorant?

Ye Lanchen's lips twitched suspiciously. He was ignored by her in the elevator last time. Now that they bumped into each other again, he was ignored once more?

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