1 Prologue

I burst into my parent's room without knocking the door. Well, this is how asians family is.

I stopped in front of my father that was on the bed while reading e-books in his phone. I sit in front of him before asking,

"Dad, can you hit the back of my neck? it hurts."

My dad looks at me, annoyed. Its not the first time I ask him to do it. What's with that face?

My mother suddenly interrupted when I almost say something that will make my father say, 'you have a smart mouth'.

"It must've hurt because you're stressed or something. Trust me, I felt the same."

I know what she says must be true because she's a teacher. I just smiled and ask,

"Is there any advise?"

My mom smiled like she was proud or something. No, why would she be proud when her daughter is stressed?

"Its easy. Just think of what's bothering your mind and get rid of it."

I, of course, took her advice to my brain. I don't want to take it to my heart because I'm afraid I would really do what she suggest.

Why would I be afraid you may ask. Simple, actually. Because the thing that was making me stressed is actually,

my parents.

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