1 Visit In The Moonlight

I awoke to a thud, feeling a familiar weight pressing down on my bare chest. As my eyes slid open, my blurry vision, which cleared as my eyes re-adjusted to the night, gave way to deep-crimson eyes staring into mine. Up and down my chest, I could feel something, something soft, teasing my sensitive skin. I got lost in this feeling, I was drowning in it. I know that this is a bad thing, to be drowning in the feeling of someone such as her... but is it really that bad?

I felt my... my male-exclusive body part pressing up against her, this rush gave me a moment of clarity, allowing me to push her onto her back. This girl was a succubus, her name is Razel Lilin, whom I haven't been able to get away from since birth. Despite knowing her for so long, she still likes teasing me in the middle of the night. In this world of ours, gods and angels, devil kings and demons, spirits and humans, along with mutts, which are the spawn between two or more of these separate beings and tend to be treated the worst, co-exist due to the effects of the Great War, or the Unforeseen Ragnarok. I'm one of those mutts.

Most mutts, that have relations to more than two beings, don't manifest any type of abilities and usually only gain some physical features of their parents, which is the case for me. I'm probably the most disappointing mutt out of them all, as I've basically part everything. Even though I'm normal, even though I have less abilities than a human, Razel still sticks around, and it's sort of... flattering. Yes, even humans have an ability, which is the ability to escape fate.

However, I thought to myself, then made a request to the beautiful, curvy, and dream-like girl that was recovering from how rough I was, "P-please stop doing this every, single, night. It may feel good... but I'm just a normal dude, it's pretty hard for me to resist giving in."

With an odd look in her eye, one seemingly filled with desire, she swayed upright, stretched across the bed to lick my neck, then whispered in my ear, "I'm sorry, pale boys with cute lil' horns really just... mmm."

She stood up, then began to make her way out of the room. Only then did I notice she wasn't wearing anything, as usual. After noticing this, I observed her form closely in the moonlight, as she made her way to the door, taking in her beautiful and silky crimson hair, along with her hour-glass figure. As the door closed, I laid back into my bed, thinking of Razel, despite my best efforts to get her out of my room and my thoughts.

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