1 It’s a date !

"....signals have been heard from outer space , scientists assume these signals are a newly discovered type of radiation that compresses matter around it similar to how sound works like in our radios and tv works , our devices receive radio waves and convert them to mechanical vibrations in the speaker to create sound ...some say it's the redshift of the Big Bang : the noise that was emitted when our universe was created and others theorise that's its a sign of Ali-..."

The news was cut short not letting the lady finish her last word . Lynn flung his petite body and crashed against the sofa , using his arm to grab the remote and switch the tv off . He pushed his body against the sofa in the break room of the studio. His body absorbed warmth from the heat of the tv and the sofa eradicating the coldness of his jade like skin .

Lynn shook his head and threw his arm out letting out a loud crack , he pulled down his arm hissing before he released a sigh and muttered under his breath

" I need to start working out "

in a musical tone and without missing a beat his alarm rang alerting the little guy that breaks over .

The door clicks open and a voice is head

" better move your lazy ass Lynn " laughed Tom (who supposedly claims that he's friends and a classmate of the manager). Lynn heaved a sigh and got up to work , rolling his shirt back down , work mode was activated . He brushed his fingers against his golden locks , his azure eyes shone with a tint of excitement . Music was life for Lynn , music talked and understood him in a way that no one could which inspired Lynn to pursue the career of a radio DJ.

Lynn needed a bachelors degree in fields such as journalism or broadcasting , for a small boy his confidence was large allowing him to gain the qualifications , and now he owned his own studio but Lynn still needed a manager to decide who to partnership with but many radio stations and bars sought him out so he had plenty of opportunities .Lynn lingered around the door of the studio in a daze thinking about what to cook for dinner obviously mac n cheese .Tom's eyes glinted and he silently sneaked next to Lynn bringing his tanned Yaoi hands near lynn's ears .

Tom held a stoic face and clapped his hands with a great amount of force , a slapping sound echoed through the hall . Lynn fell back with the sudden noise causing him to lose balance luckily Tom was behind him and caught Lynn before he injured himself , his hands held Lynn's arms and bought him up pushing his face against Tom's broad chest .Tom's haughty laugh woke Lynn up .

A small blush creeped up his face before he slapped Toms hand and pushed him back , his heart beat rapidly grew and thudded against his chest . Lynn clenched his palm the feeling of Tom's chest resided before Lynn could reach the door , Tom pulled Lynn back and planted a kiss on his luscious lips , Lynn's legs wobbled as a shot of pleasure fired through his blood . Tears gathered at his tear ducts ready to burst other but the sound of Tom's panting breath stopped it .

"Lynn...I'm sorry , I couldn't hold back "

Tom looked down like a sorrowful puppy , Lynn let out a laugh enchanting Tom . Lynn's beauty could put a Goddess to shame. Tom couldn't stop staring at his face , his tears glistening and threatening him to run down , his soft pink lips slightly open begging Tom to kiss him again but he pushed his urges back .

Lynn hugged Tom , his musk invaded Lynn's nostrils . He took a deep breath and looked at Tom's face : His rigid jaw and eyes full of mischievousness , Lynn couldn't help but blush .

" how about we go for dinner "

Lynn shyly asked hoping for a date with Tom , Lynn was inexperienced but he couldn't get Tom out of his head , always thinking about the things that they could do .

The manager walked in interrupted the twos thought process and grabbed Lynn by the arm

" Lynn! It's time !"

Lynn looked back at Tom with hopeful eyes . Tom blew a flirty kiss

" dinner at 9 , I'll text you the place " shouted Tom who released a sigh in his heart . Another target captured . He pumped his fist and went back to the grand break room . His phone buzzed and he looked down to see who it was

Girl 23: hey babe 💕 u free tonight for quickie ? 💦

Always 😉 :Tom

Girl 23: miss u 💋

See u tonight baby :Tom

Tom smirks and leans back .

Lynn is sat with his head set , playing music for his viewers , he was in a playful mood after all he got a date with his all time crush . He remembers when they first met , Lynn was still an amateur DJ but he still played to his hearts content and Tom was his co-worker . After a night of work , Lynn was heading home after working at the night club but he was lured into an alley way still being an innocent 18 year old , he was touched and harassed by slimy sleaze bags . They ripped his shirt and pushed their greasy hand against Lynn's mouth muffling out the noise.His hand caressed his body while the other men pulled down his pants scarring Lynn forever .

Lynn struggled all he could , all he ever wanted was a peace full life suddenly Tom rushed in and threw tremendous amounts of deadly punches to the guy holding Lynn . He then picked up Lynn princess style and ran off laughing with a carefree smile, he could hear the music around Tom , light and carefree without a worry in the world about what people think of him which made him smile . But realisation hit Lynn and he broke down . His eyes full of globs of salty water and his snot flowed out, Lynn wailed

"T-tthank y-you ..."

Tom hugged Lynn and comforted him . Someone being there for him while he was dirtied was enough for Lynn to fall deeply in love . Lynn thought Tom was heroic and never thought about why he was there in a hidden alley way or why he knew where Lynn lived .

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