1 1. Blessings

"Hmm where am I? I thought I died when that bastard who stabbed me. Am I in hell?" a fetus somwhere in the world thinking to himself. He was stabbed after fighting some delinquents who burned his favorite light novel book. And his soul along with his twin brother Rudeus, was reincarnated in this world.

???:"Hello young one" A voice suddenly spoke in his mind

Fetus:"who are you?!! are you God!?" he asked confused.(If it really is a God then will he give him a cheat?)

???:" I am not, I am here congratulate you for your successful reincarnation."

Fetus:" Wait... what did you just say just now?"

???:" I said I am here to congratulate your successful reincarnation"

Fetus:"So I was really reincarnated... Then what can I call you?"(Since this guy is not a God then who is he?)

Shepherd:"You can call me Shepherd. I guide souls who seemed worthy to be reincarnated. But yours is a special case. Even though you already have a physical body enough to put a soul, you still have memories of your past life. It seems your desire to get reincarnated to this world is too strong that your soul still remembered your past lifes wish. Though your twin brother Rudeus also remembered his past but he does not have a desire strong enough."

Fetus:(If what he is saying is true then I really reincarnated in Mushoku Tensei world) "Then Shepherd-san what's the difference between Rudeus and me?"(If I am really a special case maybe I well get something special)

Shepherd:"Unlike him that I will make basic abilities higher than average[like when Rudeus Said his brain can learn faster than he expected]. You will get [[Blessings]] from me"

Fetus:"What kind of [[Blessing]]?"

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[[Time Skip]]


When I woke up I, the first thing I felt is the light in my eyes. I closed my eyes in pain and slowly adjusted to see.

I saw a beautiful blonde haired woman laying on the bed drenched in sweat. On the other side a woman with maid outfit holding another baby on her arms.(So this is my Mother... I havent thought about what Shepherd had said about having a twin brother named Rudeus but. YEAAAHH!! so this is the legendary ISEKAI. This will be fun having the protagonist of this world my twin brother HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.)

Paul and Zenith decided our names. My name will be Arthur Greyrat and it seems my brother is still Rudeus. After a while I fell asleep. It seems being an infant still gets me.

[[Time Skip]]

Im already 2 month old. My parents were having shocked expression looking at me, Especially Lilia. She does not think that a baby could stand and walk. Well I cant really blame them.

Seeing a 2 month old child standing up and walking on the house makes you think that child is a monster. They were also shocked me crawling a month ago but compared now its nothing

What caused this is 1 out of the 3 blessing Shepherd gave me. I called it [[Supreme Physique]]. It gives me a very strong body. It could also give me a body stronger than Dragon God Orsted. I've experimented this for several weeks and the result is what you can see. The more I train the stronger my body becomes. I called it(Supreme Physique). I've experimented this for several weeks and the result is what you can see. The more I train the stronger my body becomes. Bones, Heart, Brain, Internal Organs, Skin, 5 senses and Spirit(Touki). It is like every part of my body becomes stronger and efficient. I havent even started puberty and it seems Im already this strong. Currently my stregth is only enough for me to stand and walk for several meters and I will get tired.

Originally I only have 2 [[blessing]] but I asked for 1 more, but it also will give me 1 [[Curse]]. My Mana capacity will not improve in my lifetime and can only cast Intermediate magic.

My original 2 [[Blessings]] are:

1. Sword God- It gives me High potential and talent in swordsmanship.

2. Haki- It gives me the 3 haki's High potential and talent. Observation Haki, Armnament Haki, and Conqueror's Haki.[[[I gave him this blessing cause I think its cool]]]

They have already recovered from it and Zenith ran into me when she sees me getting out of balance getting worried if I will fall down. Even Rudeus in the arms of Paul got shocked when he saw me walking. It seems this [[Blessing]] is too much for people.


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