5 Chapter 5

Ryu sat the ground while waiting for his turn, beside him were his newly made friends, they were talking happily, analyzing the girls 3 sizes, Ryu laughed at them, but to him, he was looking at something else, with the sub-skill of his new skills which is the unknown eye, he could see how the energy, muscle, blood, and everything else move at their body, he could see how this 'Trait' in their body move.

He always thought that it was normal for people to have different kind of trait, but it seems he was wrong, right now on the arena, a student with a trait of Wind, and the other had the trait of electricity, their fight was on stale, no one was gaining the upper advantage.

He could see that the trait on their body flows differently, the wind trait absorbs the wind energy from its surrounding and then getting into process, it makes its way into the core, allowing the student to use his trait.

As for the electricity trait, the energy on his body revolves faster than the others, it was in constant work, then as this energy revolves, it generates electricity on the body allowing the other student to produce electricity.

In this world, every human, beasts, and monsters have a unique trait, and why beasts and monsters you say? The same time the humans gained this power they call trait, the beasts and monsters started to emerge, from a normal cat gaining high intelligence and destroying a city.

That's how scary this world is, and There are much more scarier things out there like the monsters/hidden beings that had been hiding since the humans prosper, and they finally came out from their nest and also created their own communities, Ryu sighed as he had read on the book, it took the humans a 100 years to be able to live peacefully in this world.

Ryu closed his eyes as he tried controlling the energy on his body, but it seems it was much harder than he thought, as he tried to control the energy on his body, the skill Unknown Limit activated.

[Unknown Limit]

[Capable of learning Abnormalities and completely mastering them, to the extent that can use them to one hundred and twenty percent of their capability, becoming more skilled with them than even their original owners. This ability allows learning any skill quickly.]

Ryu suddenly felt enlightenment, he easily controlled the energy on his body and electricity sparks came out from his hands, but it was unnoticeable as Ryu hid it, a few moments later, the electricity vanished as a ball of wind started forming on his hands.

"Successful, still, I can't cast them at the same time," he muttered, he tried experimenting more for a few minutes but it was fruitless, he then looked at everyone and landed on a student with white hair, Shin, the student with dual traits.

Ryu smiled, once he saw how Shin uses his dual trait, maybe he could also dual cast traits, he looked around and his turn was still far, he closed his eyes and looked at the system, he had already explored most of it, so the only one left is the 5 invitations.

[Would you like to use the 5 invitations?] The system resounded on his head.

Ryu took a deep breath, as he knows, the 5 dimensional beings that will be invited would be his partners for the work, he still can't believe that this was all true, but the system in front of him proved everything, 'I hope I get a good team' he wished then said in his mind, "Yes"

[Invitations will now be sent, time estimated to find candidates is 24 hours, please wait patiently] the system sounded.

"Okay, good," Ryu sighed in relief, he then opened his eyes, and it seems his turn is already near.

A few minutes later.

"Ryu Genkina, Shin Kazuki, it's your turn," Shirley announced.

Ryu stood up and stretched his body for a bit, on the other side, Shin also stood up and glanced at Ryu, he then made his way towards the arena, Ryu felt a little excited as he went up on the stage, after all middle school didn't have these kinds of things.

Both students stood up on the arena looking at each other in a heavy atmosphere and could be felt in the arena.

"Match Start!" The referee yelled.

Lightning immediately started coming out from the body of Shin, Ryu smiled as he saw this, getting serious early eh? He thought Ryu then spread his arms wide open and raised it towards his hip level, "Come!" fire bursted from his whole body, the temperature around the arena started to rise.

Ryu then smiled as he saw another energy start revolving around Shin's body, 'So that how it was, his energy is also revolving at the same time!' Ryu saw it, he then smiled again, another energy revolved around his body while the other continued, the fire on Ryu's left side was suddenly extinguished and wind started coming out, "this would be cool if I had ice or water on my left side but anyways," Ryu said then stared at Shin.

"Now, Let's start Shall We?"

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