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Multiverse theft system


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truck Kun strikes again sending a young man off to meet the gods the gods give him five wishes and his choice of a world to go to. the OP MC finds himself in a nuclear fallout post-apocalyptic world with the zombies and a myriad of other monsters and other races of fantasy creatures. if you want to know about the Multiverse theft system you'll just have to read it. (worning: there will be some r18 moments with sexual content, violence, rape, blood and gore, and much more) this is a fanfic mashup I do not claim to own or have any rights to any of the characters that come from any other anime or game or Manga or book so please do not try and sue me for using them or talking about them. this is just all for fun. I'm not trying to make money off of it just a new hobby I'm trying out. P.s there are probably a couple grammar errors and stuff like that I write this novels by talking to my phone while I cook and do other stuff. I don't really have the time to go over it all more than a cursory glance so I apologize.


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