1 Chapter 1: New World, New Life

[W-where am I?...]: ???

A teenager around the age of 16-17 said as he began taking in the sight of a completely white void in which he stood in what appeared to be an endless room with nothing inside other than himself. After what seemed to be a few hours of total confusion for the teenager, he began thinking that this situation felt a bit repetitive, but he had never been in this situation before, but felt instead of experiencing it himself, he experienced it through the pages of his most favorite books.

[Could this be what I think it is?... Could I have died and am about to meet with the man known by many names, but what all mortals refer to as God?]: ???

Just as the teen thought this, a soft voice had entered his ear breaking him out of his thoughts, and dragging his attention to the figure who had just appeared behind him.

[Hello my child… I'm sorry to tell you this, but you have di-]: ???

Before the man who appeared to be in his 60's with long flowing White hair, and a pair of glasses with circular frames finished his sentence, the teen spoke.

[Yeah, yeah… I'm dead, you are God, and I'm guessing you want to make it up to me by sending me to a fantasy world of my choosing to make up for your mistake of killing me early?]: ???

When the man who could now be presumed to be God heard the teen, he was a little shocked before looking into the teens memories and coming to a realisation on how blasphemous his children have become to come up with these stories portraying himself as a God who makes all these mistakes and sends them to another world, but as he looked through some of the memories, God noticed one in particular that he thought was a bit interesting.

[My child… I as God does not make mistakes, and you died at the age you were predestined to… As I looked through your memories, I noticed that this kind of situation put you under the influence that I was going to send you to a fantasy world, but this happened to everyone who dies as this White void is known as the Judgment Day]: god

When the teen heard this he felt dread as he was not going to be reincarnated into a fantasy world, nor was he going to be a super powerful protagonist who is charged with defeating the Demon King who was terrorizing the humans of a fantasy world that lacked technology advancement.

[S-so I won't be going to a fantasy world with amazing powers to save the inhabitants?... So does this mean I will be going to Heaven or Hell?]: ???

[Don't worry my child… Yes, you would have been sent to Heaven, as you were one of the most pure souls I have ever created, but after seeing some of your memories, I thought it would be interesting to see how you would turn out if I threw you back into your world, but a parallel version full of magic and fantasy]: god

When the teen heard this new revelation about his future, he felt excited, and it only made his excitement skyrocket knowing that he would be in the same technology advanced world that he came from.

[S-so what will I get as a power?... Will I be super OP with Magic that rivals the Gods-*Ahem* God? Or will I get some kind of Cultivation method that will make me grow by leaps and bounds doing almost nothing?... Or will I get some kind of bloodline that gives me unlimited potential like the Saiyans from Dragon Ball?... Or-]: ???

[Calm down my child… I have seen all your memories, and decided that the way the world has progressed since I created Humanity has been too boring and slow, so I have decided to create more Gods to help rule over this new world I have created, and maybe you can become one in the future… I will be giving you the Multiverse System, it is a System I made, being composed of all the System's I have seen from your memories like the Saiyan System, Naruto System, Dragon System, Divine System, Universal System, and Unlimited System… If you work hard, you will gain just as much power as I hold… Good Luck my child, I hope to see you succeed in this world I created]: god

[Wait, what about t-]: ???

Just before the teen could ask about the type of people he would see in the world he would be sent to, his body faded away into nothingness as the last thing the teen saw was God waving at him before his vision faded, and was replaced by a voice in the pitch Black space he appeared in.

{Welcome to the Multiverse System Host!... I will be your guide until you reach Godhood… To continue, please name the System, and input the name you wish to be referred to in the next life… System Name ________ Host Name ________}

As the teen heard this voice, he immediately began thinking about what he should call the System, before he thought up a name that matched the feminine sounding voice of the Multiverse System.

[I will call you Misha, and you can refer to me as Soren, as he was the main character to one of my most loved Fan Fiction novels back in my old world… Don't worry Soren-sama, I will make your name ring throughout the cosmos once more! But this time they won't be behind the pages of a book, but under the feet of mine enemies!]: soren

With these words, somewhere in the cosmos a man sneezed as he felt his name was spoken of, but as he felt like it might be one of his many children talking about him, he put the thought to the back of his mind and continued to float in the Black void of nothingness, and closed his eyes to sleep once more. (A/N: You all wanted a sequel, here it is, or is it? Hehe)

{Ding!... The Multiverse System is now registered as (Misha), and will refer to the Host as (Soren)... Now that names have been decided, please come up with an appearance for yourself Soren}

Soren began thinking about how he wanted to look like and watched as a holographic body appeared before his vision as the once dark space began to light up with a Bluish White light showing the holographic body floating before Soren as the appearance began to change to how Soren thought about the appearance, and after a few moments, he finally decided and began to customise his new body before mentaly accepting the look and then Misha rang out once more.

{Ding!... Appearance has been accepted!... Soren, you will now reincarnate into the now world as a newborn baby, but before you go, you get to choose what race you will be born as, please look through the list, and choose wisely, as this will be your main race, while bloodlines will just add to your power later…}

Soren then watched as a list of races appeared before him on a holographic screen, and Soren began to read through them carefully as Misha suggested.

{Human- Most of their time is spent Cultivating the mystical arts, and they are relatively stupid compared to the other races, and once of the main flaws in the Human's is their cockyness, especially if they are from a rich family with power backing them, this Human is known as a Young Master, and can't see Mt. Tai, or outright refuses to see.

Saiyan- They are a battle hungry race with little to no regard for their lives and will fight an opponent even if they know it's a losing battle because of the Zenkai Boost they will receive if they survive the encounter, and sometimes under a specific genetic mutation a Saiyan will be born with abnormally high BP (Battle Power) and be ostracized by the other members of the Saiyan race and regarded as a Monster, but also praised for such a high level at such a young age.

Devil- You will live a long life, while your reproduction rate is so low that there are few to this race, but if there is a conception of a new Devil, a party will be held in honor of the family, and due to the low reproduction rate, Devils use their powers to turn Human's or other races into Devils to grow their numbers, and one of the down sides to being a Devil is your weakness to Light aligned attributes, and Holy Power, this race is also hunted down by the Church to almost extinction.

Dragon- Your lifespan is almost infinite as there has never been a dragon to die from old age, rather they were killed in combat, so it is unknown how long a dragon actually can live for, and some say eternity, and people of this race feel entitled to wealth and women to satisfy their greed and lust, while having the power to attain everything, but are hunted as sport for others to gain the title of Dragon Slayer.


???- ????,?????,????????,?????????????. (Locked)}

Soren read through well over 200 different races, and felt like his head was going to explode due to the intake of knowledge, and when he got to the last one, he couldn't read anything about the race, nor could he pick it as it was locked. Soren thought this was weird as why would something be displayed like this if he couldn't read it let alone pick the race, but seeing as there was nothing he could do about it, Soren decided to go with what every young boy in his time period wanted to be, and most of his favorite Fan Fictions were about this race.

[I have decided… Misha, I want to be a Saiyan]: soren

{Okay, Saiyan has been chosen as the race, now host must pick to either be born among the Saiyan's or be born on Earth where some Saiyan's now reside}

[I think I'll be born on Earth, I don't want to be unlucky and die early from either planetary destruction, or the King killing me if I have a high BP]: soren

{Destination set!... You will now be put to sleep until you are born… See you soon Soren}

Soren then Blacked out once more, and over the time he was asleep, a pair of Saiyan's had left their home planet due to a power struggle between the current Kings two son's trying to fight over the throne, and due to this, many low class Saiyan's like these 2 were being brought in as Army forces to fight so the two son's didn't need to fight themselves, and whoever's army lost first would be deemed unqualified to lead the entirety of the Saiyan race. A woman and man Saiyan pair had just found out they were pregnant with their first baby after many years of trying, but nothing ever succeeded until now, so they decided to escape their planet and head for a peaceful one named Earth, and 6 months later, they arrived in their pods under the guise of night so nobody had seen the landing.

[Olive! Are both you and baby okay?]: ???

[Yes Aiden, our baby is just fine, but I feel a bit cramped, and my stomach has grown so big over the last 6 months… Should be any day now]: olve

Olive and Aiden had found out that they were going to have a child around 2 and a half months into Olive's pregnancy before leaving their home planet and heading for Earth, and getting out of the pods Olive's stomach had grown so big that it hurt to get up from the pod, and Aiden had to help her out. Both Olive and Aiden had landed in the middle of the woods, so using the nearby resources, Aiden had made a home for the both of them to stay in while Olive was still pregnant, and just like that 28 days had passed, and the sounds of a woman screaming in pain was heard in a nicely build wooden cabin out in the middle of the woods, and after 3 long hours of giving birth a baby with a brown monkey tail was born.

[Olive, look, it's a baby boy!... Our precious first born child is a boy!]: aiden

Aiden brought over the baby after wrapping him in a blanket, and the second Olive saw her precious child a smile appeared on her face as she fell asleep due to the lost energy, and it was at that moment that the child opened his eyes to see the world as Aiden spoke.

[Your name will be Soren!... A nice name I picked up while roaming Earth to explore]: aiden

Soren heard this and gave a smile as he began to look at who he assumed to be his father, and turning his head slightly he saw a woman sleeping in the bed covered in sweat. Soren noticed that his father had Black hair like most Saiyan's, with a scar over his right eye going all the way down his right cheek, and after approving of the looks of his father that looked a bit like Gogeta, he turned to his mother who was sleeping in the bed with sweat covering her entire body, and taking in her dark Red hair that made it look like she was a Super Saiyan God, he understood that his mother was one of the rare Saiyan's who have Red hair, and it wasn't due to her being a SUper Saiyan God, but just a pigment differentiation. Soren saw that his mother appeared to resemble his mother from his past life, and this made Soren's heart beat a little faster as he remembered his mother's loving embrace as she raised him all on her own as his father was never there for either of them.

{Soren, you should know that this is indeed your mother from your past life, as God told you this would be a parallel world from your past one, but this time you have a father that will stay with you}

When Soren heard this he felt tears come to his eyes as he began to cry, and when Aiden heard this he quickly had a look of worry as he didn't want Soren to wake Olive, and get her mad at him as Olive was a nightmare when she was angry, and so were most Saiyan women.

[It's okay Soren… Here, you must be hungry, I got you some food!]: aiden

Aiden then sat Soren by Olive's breast and quickly took out a boob as shoved it into Soren's mouth while sighing in relief as it shut Soren up, but deep inside Soren, he felt embarrassed as he was sucking on his mothers breast to feed, and the milk tasted weird, so Soren quickly asked if Misha had a way to put his body on autopilot so he didn't need to experience being a pooping and peeing baby that does nothing but eat, sleep, shit, and piss on himself until he is changed, and luckily Misha was able to answer his request, and just like that 4 years passed by, and Soren woke up in his body.

[I guess it's time to train my body to get stronger for the future as I have no idea what's in this new world… Hmm, let's see… Misha, do I get any kind of starter pack to help me start my training?]: soren

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