Multiverse System in the Real WorldMultiverse System in the Real World

Multiverse System in the Real World

by southgamez

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Soren had died and met with God who was originally going to just send him to Heaven like everyone else who entered Judgement Day, but due to looking over Soren's memories, God found all the stories he had read interesting and decided to create a world just for Soren to grow into a God. Join Soren on his journey to the top of this parallel world God had created. For Fans of TAMS, you all were sad to see it end, so here is a squeal if you want to call it that with another broken Soul fragment of Soren. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Anime used in this Fan Fiction, and the only thing I own is my OC. I used 2 images I found on Google to make cover, so I don't completely own cover, but made it my own in a way, and if you are the creator of either image, and can show proof I will take down the cover image.

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