60 The second trailer

"You dance pretty decent." Emma said after dancing for few minutes. "Thank you. I was just following your lead to be honest and praying that I don't step on your feet." John said with a laugh.

They both realized that many eyes were on them as they were dancing. Emma felt a little shy as she noticed it.

"Seems like tomorrow the first gossip of you will come out." Emma said with a serious face.

"I never cared about their gossips and it's fine even if they come out with one." John said a little boldly this time. Emma blushed a little from this but didn't say anything.

"I want to ask a question?" Emma asked after few seconds.

"Sure ask away." john said

"What does the tattoo in your hand mean? I have never seen such kind of tattoo before. It's not something Satanic is it?" Emma asked

"You even noticed that? Well for now I can't say much about it. But it's nothing Satanic or bad. Maybe one day I will explain it's meaning." John said with a mysterious tone.

"One day? I hardly come to the States. I am not sure when we will meet next time." Emma said with a hint of regret.

"Umm we can exchange numbers if you feel like." John finally gathered up his courage and asked for it. Emma gave a very sweet smile to it and said

"Sure. I will be looking forward to the explanation of your tattoos."

After exchanging numbers and having a small talk they left after bidding farewell to each other. He even met the other two actors of Harry Potter and took their autographs too. They were surprised that John was a fan of Harry Potter but was happy about it.

John returned the next day after the party and many entertainment tabloids really printed the news that he danced with Emma. John was surprised a bit but didn't pay much attention. After coming back he called Kevin and asked him about the progress of the Batman sequel.

"Everything is going fine.The movie will come out by the end of the year. Boss do you have any more project?" Kevin asked John.

"As a matter of fact I do. Here is the script and related music required and general direction of the story. It's also a superhero movie and will be set in the same world as Batman's." John said

"Same world as Batman?" This raised an eyebrow of Kevin. Because Batman is actually real in this world, wouldn't it mean that this new superhero might actually exist. But Kevin didn't ask and went through the story. After reading the story Kevin was pretty sure that the story wasn't real as it was a story based on mythology.

The months passed by pretty smoothly. After settling down in New York, Tony and Bruce even went to meet John for many times and had talks about future plans. He suggested some interesting things that helped them. They even discussed alchemy and the proposed fight happened between John and Tony finally happened.

Tony was devastated at the end. Even though he choose the arena of metal but John's use of decomposition alchemy ruined all his attacks and on top of that he had to defend against John's fire attacks. John even practiced fighting with Bruce as John needed a proper coach in hand-to-hand fights. His alchemy wasn't invincible and he needed experience.

Bruce on the other hand went around New York city to clean trashes. Specially places like Harlem and Hell's Kitchen. Wilson Fisk was rising very sharply so Bruce went in to many of his locations and damaged many of his properties and illegal industries.

The local gangs at the beginning didn't pay much attention but after they knew it was Batman's doing. Many of them went into hiding. They didn't want to provoke someone who had high connections like John and Tony Stark. Even police turned a blind eye to Bruce's night vigil. Both John and Tony donate millions of dollars to the police department each year so they didn't want any thing to do with Batman.

By the end of the year the new trailer of sequel of Batman was out. It was called the "Dark Knight". The trailer showed Joker being a person who wants to kill Batman and glimpses of his lunacy. John didn't reveal much in the trailer as he had very high hopes for the movie.

Tony who was watching the trailer asked Bruce "What's up with this Joker guy? Does he have any special powers?"

"Special powers? No. I don't know what's up with the joker of the universe shown by John but the joker in my universe is just a lunatic. A person who will do anything to achieve his goals." Bruce said coldly.

"Hmm interesting. Let's see what is up with this joker guy. Let's hope he doesn't come to this universe. We have enough lunatics in this world." Tony said.

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