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"So is the new world going to come?" Wayne asked after everybody sat down.

"Can't you just send the world to other planet like you can guide some things from other worlds?" Fury asked. John squinted his eyes at Fury and said.

"Controlling a real person and a non living thing is different. Do you think I am a God that can bring and send back anything that I like or dislike." Everybody understood that there was a limit to the powers of John and everything couldn't be done as they wish for.

"So, what is this new world that is coming? You have been teasing us about that for a long time." Banner as he was running out of patience.

"Easy Banner, Victor these are coordinates. Go and bring these people. They would be wearing white lab coats and would be easily recognizable." John said as he brought out a piece of paper which had the coordinates and it was scattered all around the globe. Victor with his boom tubes can easily approach the people that have arrived.

"Approach and convince them to come with you. They are the first people to arrive and soon everybody will come from their world." John said

"I understand." Victor said as he opened a boom tube and went in. Everybody now had to wait for the new people to arrive.

"I should have gone with Victor to convince these new people to come." Fury said.

"You with your eye patch will just make people alienate. How are the normal people taking in the theory of multiverse? Have they accepted it?" John asked as they waited for Victor.

"Yes, the response had been positive, even though there are doubts by many sections of the people, but it can be controlled." Fury replied.

"Are the governments ready for the new world?" John asked again.

"More or less. Since you have denied giving us any hints, it made them angry." Fury said.

"Doesn't matter. When you will see the people you will know anyways. Even if they were given a few years it would still not be enough." John said.

Almost half an hour went by and finally a boom tube opened and Victor came out from it. And from the boom tubes came out men and women came out with weird hair color like the ones of Naruto's world. The moment the Avengers saw these people they were dumbfounded.

Because everyone of them knew who these people were and finally understood why John said before that it was better to let the people know of multiverse because people needed an heads up with the upcoming world.

The one man leading the whole team of people who looked like doctors came out of the boom tubes. They all looked around and the people who were sitting on the round table.

"Hello, Mr. Stone here asked us to go with him to meet you people to understand this world. I am Professor Oak. It's nice to meet you all. Hope we didn't disturb much." the man said.

All of the members of the Avengers and even the Wolf School after hearing the name Professor Oak knew what world was going to arrive.

The world of Pokemon.

Yes, this was John plan from the start. Only the world of Pokemon would enable John to have huge amount of fan values always. The people of the world be then forced to see his work and supply him huge amount of fan values always. After all, seeing is believing.

Though he knew that this would create great turmoil in the society and some people will even try to mistreat the Pokemons and even do some cruel experiments.

But the main thing was every single one of the Pokemon would be under the control of John and if any bad thing happened to any one of the Pokemon he would know immediately.

This was one of the reasons head also let SHIELD and the League dig deep into both the bright and dark side of the world. Even though the governments might flip out he didn't care. The last purge was a huge warning to them and if they do any bad thing John didn't mind just killing them off.

"Hello, Professor Oak. I guess you have a general idea of the world as I have tried speaking with you through dreams." John replied.

"Yes. Never knew that even people could contact through dreams. Only knew Darkrai and only such other special Pokemons have that power. Good to know that even humanity has evolved in another universe." Professor Oak said.

"Hello Professor Oak. I am a huge fan of yours." Banner spoke up for the first time as everybody was still taking time to digest the new world that was going to arrive. Many of them thought that it would be a world like Naruto's for example the world of Seven Deadly Sins, Black Clover or even the world of Jojo.

But they didn't expect the world of Pokemon.


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